The strangest confessions Joy Behar, cohost of The View, has ever made on air include ghost sex and bra straps.

The strangest confessions Joy Behar, cohost of The View, has ever made on air include ghost sex and bra straps.

Joy Behar has certainly gotten a lot of television time as the only original panellist who is still a cohost on The View.

The daytime star's lengthy career also gave her plenty of opportunities to voice her opinions, even when they might have been overly detailed.

The 80-year-old once told the audience during a live audience recording, "I've been here since the beginning." "I have a tonne of knowledge and secrets."
With ghosts for sex?
Behar startled the audience on Thursday, October 20 when she admitted to having sex with spirits.

So allow me to assist you here. Is she experiencing sexual hallucinations? The red-headed talk show host inquired about a woman who said her house was haunted by "sexual spirits." We've all experienced that, right? That's why we read romance novels like Summer on the Bluffs.

Panelist Sara Haines wryly inquired, "Can you get pregnant if you have sex with a ghost?"


Behar made the startling admission, "I've had intercourse with a few ghosts, but I never got pregnant.

While some of the other women sat silent, fellow costar Whoopi Goldberg growled, "I'm simply going to let that slide." I'm going to let what Joy just said go, regardless of how many of you just heard it.
Scoliosis from bra straps?
Another strange exchange on the well-known talk show focused on Behar's ongoing bra strap adjustments.

Sunny Hostin acknowledged that the mother-of-one frequently adjusts her underwear, saying, "She does it when she says 'Who cares?'" earlier in October when Mario Cantone made light of the habit.

Behar punched back at her other panellists, who appeared to be insulted, and admitted, "I have a little bit of scoliosis, so my brassiere rides up, OK? You are now aware of the cause.
"Mug" Guns Go Off!
On Thursday, September 8, Behar shared some behind-the-scenes information about the programme, one of which mentioned a brief argument on body image.

The distinguished host revealed to the gathering, "One of my co-hosts was irritated because our faces are on the mug we drink out of on the show. She said that they were making her look thinner than I did.

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