The reveal of Victoria and Billy fails, and Nicks actions raise suspicion.

The reveal of Victoria and Billy fails, and Nicks actions raise suspicion.

Nick at Newman Enterprises asks Victoria whether she still intends to purchase Chancellor-Winters. She confirms that their father is on board. Nick is informed by Victoria that she is preoccupied and that she may need to leave for a short while. He inquires as to her want to discuss it. Victoria must handle a sensitive situation with one of the children. When she and Billy plan to tell Johnny that Chelsea is his birth mother, Nick finds out. He lets out a breath. Wow, that's a big deal. Adam intended to inform Christian that he was his biological father, he recollects. He will have to deal with it in the future. She is loved by her son, he assures his sister. Victoria is aware of this and will always want the best for him, but she is hoping that her decision was the right one.
Once more thanking Billy for agreeing to give Johnny the truth and assist her in persuading Victoria, Chelsea notices him alone on the coffee shop patio. Victoria is not persuaded by Billy to take any action, but she claims to have considered all the options. He says they're going to inform the boy today. Chelsea is thrilled to believe that he will discover her true identity soon. Billy says that once a decision was made, there was no reason to wait, but he cautions her that he may respond unexpectedly. This will be a huge change for Johnny because he is attached to his family and enjoys his routine. It will be a good move for them all, according to Chelsea. Billy hopes she is accurate.
Audra expresses her gratitude to Nate for meeting her at Society since she wanted to carry on their chat from the previous evening. Before entering the business, Nate inquires as to what she would like to know. Has a formal decision been made, as Audra claims it won't matter if they don't go public? The fact that Nate hasn't heard is positive. Audra asks him to explain the inner workings of Chancellor-Winters because she wants to be aware of all the players.
At Chancellor-Winters, Devon and Lily call Jill and inform her that they are prepared to go public with the business. Jill claims that they made the right choice and that the business will be unstoppable as a result. Lily promises her that a meeting with Audra Charles has already been scheduled when she requests it. They state once more that they will continue to hold 51% of the shares. Jill displays worry and inquires about Billy and Nate. Lily informs her that Billy is attending to a personal situation and will fill her in later while Devon assures her that the matter with Nate has been resolved. Devon asks Lily what's going on with Billy after they've parted ways.
Sally and Chloe are working at Crimson Lights when Adam shows up. They should return to the office, Chloe advises. Adam approaches them and says hello. When Adam and Sally joke around politely, Chloe panics. She ponders whether someone is about to blow out. They must coexist in this place even though Sally has moved on. Adam also declares his intention to move on amicably. He leaves. Chloe is pleased with Sally because she admits that she still thinks about him, but less frequently each day. Nick texts her at that very moment to invite her to visit.
Nate says that Jill is a force to be reckoned with at Society but is now less hands-on and hand-selected Lily as CEO, who is only growing more powerful by the day. Billy is her COO and significant other, and he normally prefers to let others take the spotlight, he explains. She queries Devon. Nate claims to be nothing if not single-minded and that he brought Hamilton-Winters to the gathering. How did she enter the industry? he queries. After the meeting, Audra will talk more about that.

Chloe is informed by Sally at Newman Media that she needs to go upstairs for a quick appointment with Nick. When Chloe offers to go with her, Sally believes he prefers a one-on-one. Chloe speaks about concentrating on the task at hand. Nick appears just then.
Billy and Victoria watch Johnny play soccer in the park and remark that there is never a good moment to do something like this. He reassures her that she will always adore the boy. Before telling him, Victoria requests a more minute. Billy has regrets, but one of them is not that Johnny entered their lives. Victoria breaks down as they talk about him as a newborn. Billy is in awe of how mature he has become. Despite everything that happened, he commends Victoria for creating a stable home; she will always be his mother. Billy makes a call to Johnny once Victoria is ready. He is asked to take a seat so they may converse.

Chloe gives Nick and Sally some space to talk at Newman Media before leaving. Nick approaches Sally and inquires as to whether her COO is aware of them. She hasn't spoken to anyone at all. He hasn't either. She offers to check her schedule and get back to Nick when he invites her to supper. Just let me know, grinning, Nick. She eventually leaves the office as he smirkedly blocks her path. Exhaling is Nick.

Lily stresses to Devon at Chancellor-Winters that Billy is dedicated to his work. He wonders if she's attempting to persuade him or herself. She acknowledges that he may be straining a bit too hard to make this job work. Although you can't make something happen that isn't there, he wants to love it. When Nate and Audra enter, he meets the IPO miracle worker and presents them to him. Lily and Devona are informed that they have previously spoken.
Chelsea informs Nick she is searching for Victoria at Newman, but he responds that she is now outside the office. She informed him of Johnny's situation. It's nerve-wracking, and Chelsea is attempting to control her excitement. This is significant news, she says. something that could have a lasting effect on a child.
Billy brings up Victoria's inability to conceive children after Reed to Johnny at the park. Does he ever consider his biological mother? Johnny rejects. They inform him that he has a right to know and that, given his age, now might be the ideal time. Billy tells her that Genoa City is where his birth mother resides. "You know her," Victoria continues. Chelsea. Mom of Connor Johnny frowns. "I just recently saw her at the pool. Did you all intend to inform me of this behind my back? He notes that when they asked him if he thought about his birth mother, he responded "no," yet they still told him. The child asks, "What's actually happening here? Is anything going to change?!" Billy and Victoria didn't want him to hear it from someone else since they felt the time had come. "Great," snarks Johnny. So, everyone in town knows where my birth mother resides? He makes the announcement that he won't bring it up again and leaves.
Audra informs Devon at Chancellor-Winters that Nate has been preaching Nate's praises. Lily was unaware that she and Nate were acquainted. They just happened to run into each other, according to Audra. They have decided to go public, Lily says. Nate and Audra are overjoyed. Audra says she'll aid with the paperwork filing and do an evaluation of IPO preparation. Devon appreciates having her expertise and experience. She is told by Lily that she has contagious energy. Nate believes they truly did make the best choice. When the meeting ends, Audra is informed that she has been employed. Lily and Devon sense they are in good hands as she leaves. Nate concurs with him. Devon reasoned that now that he knew her better, Nate would have a stronger opinion. Nate is hoping that he isn't trying to start anything. Devon claims that was a compliment and that she thought highly of him. "Thanks," responds Nate.
Nick informs Chelsea at Newman that he is aware of the significant impact this will have on both her life and Johnny's. Chelsea did the right thing by handing the child to Billy and Victoria to raise; she is not attempting to lay claim to the child. She just wants him to recognise that she did what she did out of love. Nick is confident that he will recognise her concern for him. Billy sends Chelsea a text message saying, "It's finished. Finally, Johnny is aware of who I truly am.

Nick informs Victoria that Chelsea dropped by when she arrives later. Victoria admits that Johnny took it worse than she anticipated and claims that she is not her top priority.

Chelsea asks Billy at Crimson Lights how Johnny responded to the news. The boy will need time to comprehend the information, Billy tells her. Chelsea queries whether he felt even little relieved that it was her. "Wants to see me?" I asked. Billy promises that they won't press their luck with him. Chelsea keeps at it. Billy believes she is not hearing him. This information severely upset him. They won't force him to do anything he doesn't want to do since he doesn't want his world to alter. Billy says that he was completely unprepared for this. It was supposed to be for Johnny's welfare, but it appears that she had other goals in mind. Chelsea thanks Billy for updating her on everything and says she just wants him to be okay before leaving.
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Chelsea quips that she's alright when Adam runs into her in the park. Adam can still remember her asking him to take Connor to visit Anita. Although he continues to be opposed to it, he is willing to take action as a family. Connor will hear from Chelsea about it. There is no time like the present, according to Adam. He's attempting to fill a hole in his own life, Chelsea snaps, saying it's not a good time for her. She would never try to improve her life by using her son. "All I want to do is love and care for him. Why aren't people aware of that? Adam is confused as she walks away after saying that.

Nick tries to reassure his sister that Johnny will accept this at Newman. Victoria is concerned that she messed him up for the rest of his life by making the incorrect choice. To communicate with him, Nick offers to accompany him to the batting cages. Victoria believes that there is a much deeper problem here that will be difficult for him to resolve. Sally texts Nick to say that she will be joining them for supper. He beams. Who is that, Victoria wonders.
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Devon re-asks Lily about Billy at Chancellor-Winters. She is unsure if it is her place to comment on what is happening. They each receive Audra's numbers. Devon is happier with his selection now. Lily is happy to be working with him on this.

Nick explains to his sister at Newman that he is just finishing his dinner preparations. When her phone calls, she tells him he's out of trouble for the time being. Nick leaves. Vicky replies, "Hello?" Great news, Nate exclaims to her. It's a done deal. Chancellor-Winters has made herself known. In order to discuss taking our next important step, when and where can we meet?

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