The quote from Meghan Markles high school yearbook appears to be prescient.

The quote from Meghan Markles high school yearbook appears to be prescient.

If you know anything about Meghan Markle, better known as the Duchess of Sussex, you are aware of the many challenges she has faced in finding her voice and assuming control of her own story. Markle discussed her path, from her Hollywood career to Buckingham Palace, and everything that occurred between in an interview with Variety published on October 19. The portion where she offered her high school yearbook quote, though, might jump out to you if you were ever an overachieving, aspiring youngster *cough*. In a way, it's almost ideal.
Markle told Variety, "I noticed my image in the yearbook that a buddy sent me the other day. You had to select a quotation to go with your senior year portrait. I choose Eleanor Roosevelt at the age of 17, who once said, "Women are like tea bags; they don't realise how strong they are until they're in hot water. "There is something a little prophetic about that, but I don't think I'm a soothsayer," the speaker said.

It's difficult to think how a young Markle could have known how important that quote would be in her life as an adult, so the now-Duchess of Sussex must be some kind of time traveller or something. Someone urgently wants to see if she is authorised to operate a time-traveling DeLorean.
In a frank interview with Oprah Winfrey on March 7, 2021, Markle and her husband, Duke of Sussex Prince Harry, discussed their challenges after leaving the royal family and relocating to California. In that interview, Markle and her husband discussed how they had to endure a flurry of media attacks, many of which contained racial undertones, without much assistance from the royal family, they claimed.
In fact, the couple said that while Markle was carrying their baby, Archie, a member of the royal family spoke to Harry about "concerns and conversations about how dark his complexion would be when he was born." While some recollections may differ, the royal family indicated in a public statement following the interview that they "are taken very seriously and will be handled by the family confidentially." After their experiences, the pair made the decision to separate from the royal family and declared in January 2020 that they would leave their positions as senior members. The couple relocated to California later that year to pursue interests outside of the United Kingdom.

Since that time, Markle and Prince Harry have been working on a number of new initiatives through their nonprofit, the Archewell Foundation. One of these is Meghan Markle's podcast, Archetypes, which examines preconceptions and opinions about women through conversations with other well-known women.

It's obvious that Markle wants to find her own voice and aid other women in doing the same now that she's been in some hot water. She advised finding a positive role model for women by saying, "Find someone who believes in you," according to a statement she made to Variety. "Never underestimate the strength of female solidarity and sisterhood."

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