The newest Chainsaw Man teaser on Crunchyroll introduces season 1.

The newest Chainsaw Man teaser on Crunchyroll introduces season 1.

The well-liked and well-read shonen manga Chainsaw Man is now being animated. A new trailer for the series, which will premiere on Crunchyroll on October 11th, was released on Monday by the studio MAPPA. Since the release of the first trailer in June of last year, fans have been eagerly awaiting the Chainsaw Man anime.

The series' narrative, which centres on the main character Denji and other characters that end up working for the Public Safety Devil Hunters, is introduced in the trailer. Government workers must expel the devils from the parallel timeline because they have overrun it.

Of course, "Chainsaw Man" isn't just a stage name. Denji befriends Pochita, a canine who doubles as a chainsaw and the devil. Following Denji's death, the devil-dog joins with the protagonist, transforming him into a "Hybrid" and enabling him to spawn chainsaws all over his body. In addition, he has a cute mecha-like head with a chainsaw on the forehead that he uses to chop up enormous demons.

Shonen Jump published the first chapter of the Chainsaw Man manga in December 2018 and it ran for two years. Part two began airing in July of this year and is still going strong.

For Attack on Titan: The Final season, studio MAPPA is most known, Yuri!!! Jujutsu Kaisen and On Ice. The bloody and gorgeous Chainsaw Man will be guided by it throughout its animation run.
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