The new relationship Gigi Hadid is in involves Zayn Malik.

The new relationship Gigi Hadid is in involves Zayn Malik.

According to reports, Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio are dating, but a source claims they're keeping their relationship a secret for a reason. Geo (er, Ligi?) has been the subject of rumours since September, but they haven't made their alleged relationship public. But that doesn't mean progress is being made more slowly. An informant claims that Zayn Malik may be involved in the romance between Hadid and DiCaprio.
On November 7, a source informed Entertainment Tonight that "Gigi and Leo have been dating and are very into each other, but Gigi has been trying to keep things low-key with their romance." "They are attempting to maintain their privacy and refrain from excessive PDA while out together."

So, why are Hadid and DiCaprio maintaining such a low profile? It appears that Hadid's ex—who is also her child's father—is involved. "Gigi is making an effort to be considerate of Zayn's sentiments and avoid disrespecting him with her new relationship. "Gigi and Zayn simply have each other's best interests in mind, the insider said. They are making every effort to get along, be the best parents they can be, and co-parent Khai in an effective manner.
The rumour that Malik was interfering with Hadid and DeCaprio's secret romance is not new. In an interview with Us Weekly on October 5, a source said, "Gigi has her walls up since she's on better terms with Zayn and they're doing great coparenting. She is taking her time entering a committed relationship.

During that time, the insider continued, "She's really fond of Leo and interested in having a relationship with him but at the same time is very busy with her modelling assignments and being there for her kid." "They've been spending time together in private and holding covert get-togethers. They are deeply attracted to one another and exploring their relationship.

Welp, if maintaining your relationship's secrecy is necessary for your co-parenting arrangement to succeed, then so be it.

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