The new entertainment at Wynn Las Vegas is difficult to describe. According to the creators, this makes it a must-see.

The new entertainment at Wynn Las Vegas is difficult to describe. According to the creators, this makes it a must-see.

The creators of "Awakening," the newest stage production in Las Vegas, acknowledge that it is difficult to describe the show in a few words.

Music will be played. Choreography. a tale about love. Illusions. extensive puppetry a distinctive audio system. an active stage.

Producer and character designer Michael Curry, who is well-known for his puppetry work in The Lion King on Broadway, remarked, "It's hard to describe, and we're kind of glad about that. It's a spectacular that fits here in the purest meaning of Las Vegas.
The former Le Reve theatre has undergone major renovations, and on November 7 at Wynn Las Vegas, "Awakening" is scheduled to debut.
The three creators of Awakening set out to create a show that was unlike anything else in Las Vegas, a city famed for its Cirque du Soleil shows as well as for big-name headliners like Adele and Celine Dion.

Director Baz Halpin asserted that "Awakening" will distinguish itself from Las Vegas acts-driven shows as a narrative-driven performance.

As Halpin told USA TODAY, "We tend to say it's a new genre of entertainment because it's not anything that I believe has ever been seen before or can be put in a box."

The upbeat, kid-friendly narrative by Captain Marvel comic book author Kelly Sue DeConnick follows a heroine who attempts to bring two separated loves back together using music, dance, technology, puppetry, and other means.
Each seat in the 1,600-seat, 360-degree Awakening Theater is no more than 75 feet from the stage. Dichroic glass and eight elevated and rotatable LED screen subsections make up its 60-foot round prismatic stage.

"The view is in front of you, above you, and all around you," "stated Halpin. "You are brought into the show's world.
Oscar-winning actor Anthony Hopkins serves as the show's narrator, and composer Brian Tyler, whose original music has been featured in films like "Avengers: Age of Ultron" and "Crazy Rich Asians," streams through the theater's "3D sound" effect.
Curry remarked, "We didn't do scent, but that's pretty much the one sense we're not touching.
$120 million is the anticipated cost of production.
Curry, Halpin (whose prior work includes the Taylor Swift, Harry Styles, and other concerts, as well as the Super Bowl XLIX halftime show featuring Katy Perry), and Bernie Yuman, the executive producer of the Broadway musical "On Your Feet!" and former manager of Siegfried and Roy and Muhammad Ali, are the producers.
Their most recent endeavour, "Awakening," will replace "Le Reve," or "the dream," an underwater circus show that ended in 2020. Even the producers claimed it didn't solely influence their decision because it made logical to have a "Awakening" come after "the dream," they claimed it did.
Halpin remarked, "I don't believe we're going to emphasise that as an intentional thing, but it's a thing that kind of substantiates the inclination to use that name. "It was fate,"
The final product is the culmination of around five years of work, the majority of which was completed during the COVID-19 epidemic.
Although difficult, the timing was also beneficial.
"We were able to hand-pick the world's top creatives. In March 2020, everyone appeared to be available, according to Curry.
At, you may purchase "Awakening" tickets. The 75-minute performance will start between 7 and 9:30 p.m. beginning on November 7: Tuesdays through Saturdays.

Starting at $125, VIP seats can be purchased for $475. Seating for VVIPs (very very important people) is $600. To the original ticket price is added a 9% entry charge.

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