The most lavish stable for horses in China is a magnificent palace.

The most lavish stable for horses in China is a magnificent palace.

At least 43 horse varieties from at least thirty different countries are housed in the lavish Heilan Horse Culture Museum in Jiangyin, China. If these horses had decorations like those glittering browbands, they would seem even more beautiful.

The horses were held in stables that were illuminated by elaborate chandeliers, trotted on marble floors, and were surrounded by stunning statues, as reported by impressive netizens. Everybody has his own stall.
Hundreds of horses are on show at the museum, which opened in May of last year, for visitors to engage with.

An ecological tourism resort concept that also incorporates equestrian training facilities and a mall is said to shelter animals in a gorgeously built hall.
Many initially thought the lavish estate was in Dubai, but it was subsequently discovered that it was actually a horse museum that was only available in China.

However, different Internet users have differing views about the opulent stable. While some were in awe of the effort and money put into building the stable, others had doubts about the project's objectives.

"Horses are herd animals. They need to be outside in fields with cover simply in case of severe weather," a netizen wrote. This Chinese institution has to be closed down because it is terrible.

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