The friends of Cara Delevingne are "desperate" want her to go to rehab!

The friends of Cara Delevingne are "desperate" want her to go to rehab!

Cara Delevingne's friends are begging with her to check into treatment.

After she was recently seen acting strangely at an airport, the model's friends reportedly begged her to check herself into treatment.

Cara Delevingne's friends are "desperate" to want her to go to rehab because they are so concerned about her, according to TMZ on Friday.

The supermodel's pals are worried that she might be struggling with both mental health and drug addiction issues, according to individuals who talked with the publication.

Page Six has repeatedly asked Delevingne's agents for comment, but they have not answered.

This week, Margot Robbie, the actor's partner and co-star in "Suicide Squad," was seen leaving the model's Los Angeles home while acting agitated.

The 32-year-old actress's 32-year-old reps have not commented on the cause of her obvious anxiousness, but photos of the actress crying have sparked speculation that she and Delevingne, 30, are having serious issues.

An informant who talked to TMZ on Friday claimed that Robbie was visibly outraged and for "good reason" as a result of what she allegedly saw at her friend's home.

The "Barbie" actress is one among those "advocating" for Delevingne to enrol in a treatment facility, the insider claims.

Delevingne has only ever acknowledged the occasional use of narcotics; she hasn't mentioned whether she is now battling an addiction. However, the actor from "Paper Town" has caused controversy recently.

The friends of Cara Delevingne are "desperate" want her to go to rehab!
When she was seen acting "extremely drunk" at a party in New York in March, she first developed the reputation of a party girl.

Most recently, while at the Californian Van Nuys Airport, she displayed unkempt appearance, acted erratically, and even skipped a New York Fashion Week event that she was planned to attend.
She has been working a lot lately, and it has definitely taken a toll.

A close friend of Delevingne stated last week in an interview with The Sun that they are all "very concerned."

"There is talk of staging some type of intervention and making sure Cara gets the care she may very well need," the insider said.

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