The conflict between Green Arrow and Batman is worse than fans realise.

The conflict between Green Arrow and Batman is worse than fans realise.

Fans may not be aware of how intense the rivalry between Batman and Green Arrow really is. The Dark Knight and the Emerald Archer have long had a rivalry, and in Batman: Fortress #5, readers learn that Green Arrow is revealing Batman's secret identity willy-nilly—a move sure to enrage him. Despite the fact that the two Justice League members share the same goal of putting an end to evil in all its forms. The issue is currently available in print and online.
It would be only natural for Batman and Green Arrow to have some type of conflict. Both are incredibly affluent (Green Arrow presently has more money than Batman), and they use vigilante justice to offset their status. Both are accomplished sleuths, with a small advantage going to Batman; they both employ a variety of tools in the fight against crime. Their personalities, however, are where these two actually diverge. Both are wealthy, but Batman has never lost all of his riches the way Green Arrow did, if not all of it. Green Arrow experienced a significant change after losing all of his money; he was forced to experience life as the "other half" and as a result, he became an advocate for the underprivileged. Green Arrow maintained this mindset even after regaining fortune. Furthermore, while Green Arrow is hot-headed and frequently gets himself into trouble, Batman is cunning and operates through fear and intimidation. In Batman, their antagonism is currently getting more intense.
Green Lantern D'Ayl and Batman have arrived to enlist Emiko Queen, the half-sister of the Green Arrow and the current Red Arrow. Red Arrow is caught by Batman stealing money from the criminals she just beat up. Batman informs her that he is preparing a job—specifically, a break-in—and that he requires Red Arrow's expertise in this area. Batman criticises Red Arrow for how she treats the criminals and claims that he does not do what he does for financial gain. Red Arrow responds, "I guess we can't all be billionaires," to Batman's criticism. Batman is surprised and inquires as to how she knew. Red Arrow responds that Ollie told her and that siblings don't keep secrets from one another. Gary Whitta wrote the article; Darick Robertson did the illustrations; Diego Rodriguez did the colouring; and Simon Bowland did the lettering.
Batman May Have Been Compromise by Green Arrow

The long-standing animosity between Green Arrow and Batman will undoubtedly intensify now that Ollie has revealed who Batman really is. Batman protects his secret identity and only shares it with a small group of people, such as Superman and Green Arrow. Batman puts his faith in these heroes to keep his identity a secret from the public; but, Green Arrow has now betrayed that faith. Since Bruce Wayne is known for being a playboy and a loose cannon, finding out that Batman is actually him would seriously damage his reputation. As was already said, Batman rules by intimidation.

Here, the proverb "loose mouths destroy ships" from World War II is applicable. Batman will undoubtedly confront Green Arrow about this, which might intensify their animosity and drive a wedge between them—a wedge that would jeopardise the Justice League. Due to his severe trust difficulties and the fact that Green Arrow did nothing to ease them, Batman will defend his identity even more closely going forward as a result of Green Arrow disclosing it, proving that their rivalry is more intense than many people know.

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