The concept of CHAIYANHA to bring Police-Public closer

The concept of CHAIYANHA to bring Police-Public closer

RAIPUR. To strengthen trust between citizens and police, Gariaband SP has introduced an informal but innovative 'CHAIYANHA' at all police stations of the district where people can share all their concerns with cops without any hesitation.

SP Bhojraj Patel said, “The idea has been inspired from 'Paritranaya Sadhuman' – words from the Holy Bhagavad Gita. Here, we believe that when the virtuous visits a place of justice, the protector of the law person should emit trust, assuring that they have come to the right place where they would be heard. Thus, Gariaband police want to ensure that the people coming in hope of justice can sit comfortably here in CHAIYANHA – a Chhattisgarhi word for shed, and talk out their problems. That’s why, in every police station in Gariaband, there is a new corner “.

The ideas behind this innovative concept is to provide complainants a dedicated space within the police station premises that will encourage them to register their complaints without hesitation and restoring their faith in the law. SP Bhojaraj Patel said that he wants to change the conventional working style of police stations which are often stringent and complainants hesitate to feel comfortable while registering their complaints.

CHAIYANHA is a room on the premises of police stations with clean drinking water and toilets and fully ventilated with comfortable seating, where the complainants wait for their turn to meet the police personnel and register their grievances.

Source: TOI

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