The actor of the Disney show Percy Jackson previews the coolest fight in the series.

The actor of the Disney show Percy Jackson previews the coolest fight in the series.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians, a forthcoming fantasy series on Disney Plus, is building up to be an exciting event. And now, according to Walker Scobell, who plays the title character's demi-god, we can all anticipate seeing one of the series' best combat scenes on television.
Percy Jackson and the Olympians,
which is based on Riordan's books of the same name, recounts the exploits of Percy, who turns out to be the son of Poseidon. He enrols in Camp Half-Blood, where other children of the Greek gods live, after realising who he is and what talents he possesses. The plot is full with intrigue, conflict, and mythology. One of the main antagonists that young Percy fought in the novels was the God of War Ares, who was replaced by Hades in the fantasy film produced by 20th Century Studios in 2010.

Walker stated in an interview with IMDb that he was eager to recreate the two characters' confrontation for the next series, which would be based on the books this time. Ares, who has been tricked by Kronos, will be back in action in Disney's series.
"The Ares battle was it. Probably the best fight in the entire series was that one, according to Scobell. "And the first thing I thought when I was cast for this was, 'Ares fight; I'm so psyched to do it.'"

Ares is one of the most prominent Gods in the mythology, and he plays a key role in the first book, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, when Percy is tasked with finding the person responsible for the theft of Zeus's master bolt.
Who will play Ares in the future TV series is not yet revealed. The show is scheduled to premiere in 2024, so we should find out about that fact quite soon.

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