The Try Guys cheating scandal is tackled by SNL, with White Guy, Wife Guy, and Try Guy Ned Fulmer

The Try Guys cheating scandal is tackled by SNL, with White Guy, Wife Guy, and Try Guy Ned Fulmer

The Try Guys have worked so hard that this past weekend, they became the focus of their own "Saturday Night Live" skit.

According to a statement published last week on the official Try Guys Instagram account, the NBC comedy institution made fun of the controversy surrounding the YouTube stars who fired Ned Fulmer following an "internal assessment" of their "consensual workplace relationship." Following Fulmer's departure, "SNL" picked up on the hoopla around the former BuzzFeed stars.

"SNL" host Brendan Gleeson and cast member Ego Nwodim played a CNN correspondent and anchor, respectively, in a sketch that at first appeared to be political. However, Gleeson interrupted a broadcast from the White House to deliver the most recent Try Guys news.
The three surviving Try Guys, played by "SNL" actors Mikey Day, Andrew Dismukes, and Bowen Yang, were Zach Kornfeld, Keith Habersberger, and Eugene Lee Yang. They frequently interrupted the CNN story with the line, "We're no longer dealing with white man, wife guy, Try Guy Ned."
Like many others who heard the Try Guy story this week, Nwodim's CNN anchor was probably unaware of the controversy or even knew nothing about the Try Guys themselves.
She was interrupted by Gleeson's character, who muttered incoherently, "You have to remember the power dynamics." "She was a Food Baby and he was a Try Guy."

"Your pal had a side chick and didn't tell you, is the whole thing," The nature of Nwodim eventually understood.
During the sketch, which made fun of recent videos by the Try Guys about the scandal, Yang and Day were on the point of laughing out loud and losing their sense of humor. Day appeared to be about to chuckle again in a subsequent comic about medieval Europe.

The Try Guys, which has more than 8 million YouTube subscribers, started as a BuzzFeed web series in 2014. It followed the antics of Kornfeld, Habersberger, Lee Yang, and Fulmer as they experimented with new things, such as driving drunk while being observed by a professional, experiencing labor pain simulation, baking without a recipe, and tasting everything on a fast food chain's menu. The four created their own production company in 2018 to carry on the Try Guys brand after they departed BuzzFeed.

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