The Strength Of Tom Brady And Gisele Bündchens Prenup Has Been Revealed in New Details

The Strength Of Tom Brady And Gisele Bündchens Prenup Has Been Revealed in New Details

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen's divorce was swiftly finalised, but the specifics of their October 28, 2022 divorce settlement remained murky. Brady and Bündchen have stated that their priority is to co-parent as amicably as they can, with TMZ reporting that their attorneys spent the majority of October working out the details. Brady and Bündchen promised to "continue to work together as parents to always guarantee [our children] receive the love and care they deserve" in an Instagram Story that announced their divorce, according to TMZ.
The specifics of Brady and Bündchen's custody arrangement are still unknown, despite Entertainment Tonight's story that two days after publicly announcing their separation, Brady volunteered with their kids at a food bank. There is undoubtedly a lot at stake in their property settlement. According to People, the two own multiple properties together, including the $17 million mega-mansion in Miami Beach that they bought in 2020. Along with purchasing and selling numerous million-dollar homes during the course of their 13-year marriage, they also constructed and sold a $40 million residence in Brentwood, California. Not to mention that each is worth eye-watering sums of money. (Celebrity Net Worth estimates Brady's net worth at $250 million, while Gisele Bündchen's is said to be $400 million.)

Now that information about the pre-nuptial agreement of the former marriage is becoming available, it is clear who will keep what.
It appears that a prenuptial agreement was especially useful in this divorce. Page Six sources claim that Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen's divorce settlement was rapidly negotiated because of "an ironclad prenup." Even though the two of them shared a sizable property portfolio, they apparently divided that up quickly as well.

Brady will continue to live in the $17 million Miami Beach mansion that is now under construction, according to insiders who spoke to Page Six. Bündchen will maintain control of their Costa Rican hideaway nest, which is located on the Nicoya Peninsula. The supermodel also bought a small house in Surfside, Florida for $1.25 million, which she apparently plans to use as an office. (According to Page Six, Bündchen reportedly put down money on a considerably larger property nearby.) According to insiders, the couple will have joint custody of Benjamin and Vivian.

Although the ex-couple had a prenup, Radar Online alleged in September that Bündchen's close friends had pushed her to change it after Brady signed a $375 million contract with Fox Sports in June. An insider claims that Bündchen was probably persuaded by her friends. In any case, the two divorcée super stars operate their respective business empires, with Bündchen continuing to have the higher net worth as of this writing.

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