The Namor Change in Wakanda Forever Justifies His Outrageous Power Level

The Namor Change in Wakanda Forever Justifies His Outrageous Power Level

Namor was altered in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, which justifies his absurdly high level of power. It's no secret that Ryan Coogler's Black Panther sequel has significantly changed the Sub-storyline Mariner's after two trailers. The choice to replace Atlantis with Talocan, a legendary civilisation associated with Aztec mythology, is the cause of these modifications.
M'Baku refers to Namor in the Black Panther 2 trailer as the "Feather Serpent" and talks about him as though he's a deity in the MCU. It is obvious that Tenoch Huerta's persona has a reputation that Namor did not have in the original work. The superhero in comic books belonged to a water-breathing branch of humanity and was in no way comparable to any mythological deity. Going in this approach represents a significant departure from his comic book origin, but it also offers a better explanation for how he got his powers than the comics offered. Namor's god-like status should explain his enormous strength in a way that his hybrid nature and mutant DNA couldn't, assuming Marvel treats his talents appropriately.
It's important to note that the other Atlantean race members in Marvel Comics do not possess the same amount of power as their monarch. Most Atlanteans are not even close to the level of the Sub-Mariner, who has easily dispatched heroes like Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Captain America despite being physically superior to humans in many respects. Despite the fact that he is not a god in any sense, he is in the same league as titans like Thor and Hercules. His savage clashes with Hercules in Avengers comics and his numerous encounters with the Hulk serve as evidence of his capacity to compete with them. In a battle that took place underwater, Namor actually defeated the Hulk.
Why Namor in Marvel Changes His Black Panther 2 Story Will Be Revealed
It would be interesting to see how Namor's role in the movie would change if the Atlanteans were eliminated and he ended up becoming a real MCU deity. They show that Marvel intends to maintain the integrity of his persona in Marvel Comics. There were some worries that Marvel will tone him down to make him seem a little more beatable since he'll be competing against a Black Panther version rather than a powerhouse like Thor. But the Black Panther 2 trailer's description of Namor by M'Baku implies that it won't be holding back.
The MCU's Namor appears to be the nigh unstoppable force that he is meant to be so far. The heroes of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever might be in for the fight of their lives, though, if he actually is as powerful as the comic book figure. To prevent the Savage Sub-Mariner from wreaking devastation on the surface world, they may need to use all of their resources (and more).

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