The Kapil Sharma Show: Woman cricketer Sneh Rana jokes ‘Kapil tumhari shadi hogai hai phir bhi Deepu ki baat alag haina tumhare lie’

The Kapil Sharma Show: Woman cricketer Sneh Rana jokes ‘Kapil tumhari shadi hogai hai phir bhi Deepu ki baat alag haina tumhare lie’

The Kapil Sharma show's latest episode was all about the real-life heroes including the Indian women's cricket team and the real heroes who saved our nations in many ways from Mahesh Bhatt’s upcoming series ‘Pehchaan’.
The latest episode began with 
Kapil entering the stage and welcoming everyone. He greeted the live audience and Archana Puran Singh with a warm smile. Kapil then introduced the guests by giving a brief on how women have evolved with time and their power to not only lead and inspire men but an entire nation as well. He calls the Women’s cricket team; Jhulan Goswami, Harmanpreet KaurYastika Bhatia, Pooja Vastrakar, Meghna SinghSneh Rana, and Shefali Varma.

Kapil Sharma jokes and asks the women if they plan on getting married any time soon. Harmanpreet jokes saying that ‘mummy papa photos laate hai ladko ke, main kabhi kabhi dekh leti hu’. She later reveals that she isn’t planning on getting married any time soon.
Kapil asks the captan of the team Jhulan if anyone cares about getting the lipgloss in between the matches. 
Sneh jokes and says that ‘match ke beech toh nahi, but hairstyle se samne wale cricketer ko distract zarur karti Hu’. Everyone laughs. Sneh jokes ‘Shadi toh aapki bhi ho gai hai but aapke lie Deepika ma’am ki baat kuch or haina’. Kapil blushes and changes the conversation.

As the episode continues Krushna aka Sapna makes everyone laugh with her jokes and punchlines. Sapna then performs a comedy Pushpa-style dance and the audience along with the women’s cricket team fails to control their laughter.
Kiku Sharda aka Bumper makes an entry as well and says that she wants to play cricket with the team. The women then divide the team and enjoy cricket with Sapna and Bumper. Kapil Sharma makes fun of Bumper saying that she should have 12 wickets as 6 get lost in her ghagra.
Kapil Sharma then offers almonds and chocolates to the team. Jhulan jokes and says that ‘ye sab purane nakli hai mujhe nahi chaiye’. Kapil responds ‘Dry fruits thodi purane or new hote hai, sab same hoge.’
Kapil bids them goodbye and wishes them the best. Towards the end of the episode, Kapil introduces some inspiring Sikhs of our country along with Mahesh Bhatt. Mahesh Bhatt promotes his upcoming series that introduces real-life heroes that have served our country. The Sikhs talk about how they helped thousands of people during their hard times. The stories inspire the audience and they give a standing ovation to them. Kapil on the other hand, shares inspiring stories from his past as well.

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