The Husband of Megyn Kelly Talks About What Its Like to Date and Marry Her

The Husband of Megyn Kelly Talks About What Its Like to Date and Marry Her

Megyn Kelly welcomed novelist Doug Brunt, her husband, to her show so they could discuss their union. Brunt talked about their first date and how he had to acclimatise to dating a famous person.
When Kelly and her husband first met, he wasn't well-known and had no desire to become one. He is a "quiet guy," as she puts it. She said he had to "wrestle" with this before deciding to ask her to marry him.

When they first met, Kelly was a FOX anchor and pursuing a career in journalism. You had to decide whether you wanted to step into public life in that sense, and it really did need some thought on your part, according to Kelly.
Although there have been some unpleasant incidents involving interactions with the public, according to Brunt, overall things have gone well. Kelly claims that her spouse approached the union with "open eyes." She had a stalker when they first started dating. This gave him an idea of what dating a famous person would be like.

Brunt claims that working with Kelly was worthwhile and that he would do it once more. No one can know exactly what they're getting into with that, but it does require some thought, according to Brunt. And a lot of good comes along with the terrible. There is much more good than negative. Nearly 99% of the interactions we have when travelling are pleasant. Several people have approached me and said, "You inspire me, you inspire my daughter, and I want my daughter to be like you." There are very few bad [interactions] and it almost always is.
Megyn Kelly's first date with her hubby was "chaperoned."
Brunt discussed his first encounter with Kelly. He claims that because Kelly's security detail was with them, it gave him the impression that he was a teen being escorted to a high school prom.
According to Brunt, "We were chaperoned like a pair of sophomore high school students going to the prom." I didn't want to be brought down by anyone, and these guys had experience using guns and killing people.

According to Brunt, Kelly and he had their first kiss in front of security. The situation, in Kelly's words, was "awkward AF."

According to Brunt, "our first kiss was also in front of security, which is hard to do." It was difficult for us both, but especially for me, says Kelly. Brunt continued by claiming that after the dates, security had dropped him off.

Kelly's security staff gave Brunt their blessing. If the team hadn't given their relationship the thumbs up, in her opinion, it wouldn't have worked out. I believed their judgments," she claims.

Kelly claims that despite having confidence in the security personnel, she felt humiliated when they observed her and Brunt sharing a kiss. "You stay where you are; I have something I need to do," I told the security staff as we returned to pick up Doug from his hotel the following day. I went to the hotel and rang Doug's doorbell. Doug was looking for security when I said, "They're not here.

According to Kelly, she told Brunt that her kiss wasn't her best attempt and that she could do a better job. She then entered his hotel room and kissed him once again. Brunt claims that he appreciated Kelly's attempt. It was typical of you; a girl who takes charge. Come on in, this is nice. Kelly made it clear that they merely exchanged a kiss.
The opinions of Doug Brunt regarding his union with Megyn Kelly
According to Kelly, their courtship was "whirlwind" and "wild" at first. She is still "mesmerised" by her husband, nevertheless. Brunt and Kelly have three kids and have been married for fifteen years.

Brunt claims that his relationship with Kelly is just now "getting its stride." "Our kids are fun, they want to be with us, and we're doing such wonderful things, just the two of us, that we're really hitting a great high.

When Kelly asks Brunt how their marriage works, he responds that she is "the secret sauce" to their happiness. She is self-aware, according to him, and she acts when anything about the relationship isn't working.

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