The Horror Lord Your only source for a review of Halloween Ends is Stephen King.

The Horror Lord Your only source for a review of Halloween Ends is Stephen King.

King's books have been adapted into innumerable films, the most of them fall far short of the original works on which they are based. Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead benefited greatly from King's willingness to hand up his properties to up-and-coming artists. This is just one of King's many redeeming traits.
As the world fills with reviews on the conclusion of the David Gordon Green trilogy, King, a renowned armchair critic of the genre, has commented on Halloween Ends. Surprisingly, King gave it a positive assessment, going against the majority of critics' opinions.
He acknowledges that movie "doesn't reinvent the wheel," but it was nevertheless very enjoyable, citing the great character work. King rarely tweets about television or movies unless he has anything positive or insightful to say, and he didn't have anything to say about Halloween Kills, which was Halloween Ends' precursor.

The Green trilogy's emphasis on its characters has been one advantage over the many prior sequels and reboots, which have struggled to really hit any notes. Jamie Lee Curtis is continuing to give Laurie Strode her all despite the negative reviews Kills has received.

Before Salem's Lot was postponed indefinitely, a King adaptation was initially planned to compete with Halloween Ends at the movie office. Ends, which is currently playing in theatres and on Peacock, features only Michael Myers who is still standing.

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