The Grillz Glossary: 11 Styles to Know

The Grillz Glossary: 11 Styles to Know

What exactly are Grillz?

Grills, also known as "Grillz" or "fronts," are decorative covers that snap over one or more of their teeth and are often made of gold, silver, or jewel-encrusted precious metals. If you wish to buy Grillz and make your teeth look good then you must check out this best and huge collection which you can customize according to your Teeth Grillz on Bling Cartel.​​​​​​​ They are typically removable, but some grill wearers have had their teeth permanently altered with gold crowns to resemble a grill.

When it comes to grillz, there is a wide range of styles to choose from, ranging from classics to new trends. When it comes to Grillz, we've compiled a list of 11 styles that everyone should be aware of.

1. Solids

Starting with a classic, solids are arguably the most popular grillz style. Gold casts are used to create a flat, smooth gold surface across any number of your teeth. Today, most people will request that their solid Grillz be permanently styled. Permanent style, or deep-cut, cuts the gold in a way that highlights each individual tooth, resulting in a more permanent and natural-looking Grillz style (without them actually being permanent). You can choose to embellish your solid grillz with diamonds, gems, or other stones, or you can stick with the classic gold look.

2. Honeycomb

Honeycomb is responsible for the iced-out appearance. Instead of sitting on top of the diamonds, tiny diamonds are set into holes in the gold teeth. This results in a completely flush, or burnished, diamond setting across each tooth, removing the appearance of extra bulkiness. In honeycomb settings, VVS or CZ diamonds are generally the most sought-after, resulting in a beautiful and dramatic finished product.

3. Open Face

Gold metal frames the edges of each tooth in an open-face Grillz, leaving the white centre exposed. The thin border of gold on each tooth gives this style a very minimalistic feel. Although an open face looks good on its own, many people will request a combination of solid gold and open face in their custom pieces. Additionally, certain cuts, such as diamond or permanent cuts, can be used on open faces to create more intricate looks.

4. Gap Filler

Gap fillers are a popular way for those with a gap between any number of teeth to style that space. A vertical bar of gold is typically used to fill the gap, but many people request diamond settings as well. Due to the small size of this piece, many people who get gap fillers will request coloured diamonds or different stones to be used. Gap fillers can also be blended into a solid or open face grill adjacent to it, resulting in a truly unique look that is tailored to your teeth.

5. Trillion Cut

Place some trillion-cut Grillz in the sun to see how insane they look. This look is created by sketching small cuts into solid gold Grillz. Many people who request trillion cuts will add diamond dust to make the effect even more dramatic. Diamond cuts are always a classic option if you want something less intense.

6. Drip

The drip, or teardrop, style is a popular fashion statement. Many people will get drip style on their bottom grillz, giving the impression that the gold is dripping down their teeth. This design can be applied in a variety of ways. The two most common styles are the gold drip sitting directly on top of the teeth and the drip sitting on top of some solids for some two-tone action. In any case, the drip style grillz create a truly unique custom design. Add some diamonds or rubies to truly personalise it.

7. Sun Cut

Sun cut is a method of cutting solid grillz into a bursting sun-like shape on each individual tooth. The way light reflects off these sun-cut grillz is stunning. These are very different from the patterned look of other cut styles, so sun cut is a good option if you want something a little more unique and fluid.

8. Bar

You can customise your bar Grillz with a variety of options. A horizontal gold bar spans any number of teeth and can be set with diamonds, gems, enamel, or even letters. The six-piece, in which the bar extends across the front four teeth and transitions to solid or open-face Grillz on your canine teeth, or fangs, is the most common. Bars will sit along the bottom edge of your teeth on top. If you want some bottom grillz, however, the bar will sit along the top edge of your teeth. If you want something simpler, try getting a bar across one or two teeth.

9. Opals

Opals are becoming a more popular material for custom Grillz. Consider Tyler the Creator's custom Grillz. Opals' pearly, blue, and purple tones create a stunning effect when surrounded by solid gold.

10 Floating Letters

Names, sayings, and marketing slogans can all be turned into your own custom grillz. Gold letters are formed and attached to the back of the teeth. Letters can then be embellished with diamonds, gemstones, enamel, or whatever else the wearer desires. Grillz are all about personalization and style, which is why many people opt for floating letters.

11. Enamel

Grillz variations have grown in popularity as they have become more popular. Experimenting with new grillz materials, such as enamel, allows jewellers to be even more creative with their designs. Enamel coats the face of each tooth, while gold borders them. The use of enamel in custom grillz allows for brighter and bolder colours, more intricate designs, and the display of your distinct personality.

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