The First Teaser for Chainsaw Man Shows All Hell Breaking Loose

The First Teaser for Chainsaw Man Shows All Hell Breaking Loose

Later this month, "Chainsaw Man" will make its anime debut and is poised to rock the world. The critically acclaimed series has already won over the hearts of manga readers, and it is currently aiming its sights at anime viewers.

A destitute youngster named Denji is followed in "Chainsaw Man" as he kills devils for the Yakuza and settles his debts using his adorable pet devil Pochita. Denji is betrayed and killed by the Yakuza, but Pochita replaces his heart, reviving him and regrowing any organs that were lost. Denji can now pull the cord protruding from his chest to transform into Chainsaw Man, a fiend with chainsaws for arms and a head. Denji is found by the Public Safety Devil Hunters, a government organisation that kills demons, shortly after exacting retribution on his debts, and is given the choice to join them or perish. He joins the organisation and utilises his chainsaw abilities to assist in the pursuit of devils, notably the infamous Gun Devil.

Fans are learning more and more details about the eagerly awaited anime series "Chainsaw Man" as Season 1's premiere approaches. Each episode will have its own ending tune, according to the tracklist for Season 1 that Crunchyroll recently made public.

A brand-new clip was released today to heighten the anticipation.
To tease what Season 1 of "Chainsaw Man" has in store for viewers, the official Twitter page of the show shared a brand-new clip. More than a million people have already viewed the video, and in the comments, admirers are gushing with joy.
In order to get viewers pumped for the launch, a 15-second montage of brief snippets from the anime's pilot episode was created. Pochito, who is still quite adorable, is meeting Denji. We see short views of the Tokyo setting of the story as well as ones that depict Denji's less-than-opulent way of life. He just eats bread and lives in a cramped, run-down room with one missing eye. Makima appears briefly early in the video, which is unexpected considering that she is most likely only going to appear at the very end of the episode. We also get a fantastic preview of the action in Episode 1. Chainsaw Man is depicted in all his bloody splendour, while Denji's initial change is briefly seen. The film ends with clips of Chainsaw Man battling the Zombie Devil, a battle that manga readers are aware establishes the tempo and tone for the remainder of the narrative.

On October 11, "Dog and Chainsaw," the first episode, will debut on Crunchyroll. Legendary studio MAPPA, which recently produced popular shows including "Jujutsu Kaisen," "Attack on Titan: The Final Season," and "The God of Highschool," is adapting the novel "Chainsaw Man" into an anime.

Tatsuki Fujimoto, a manga artist, appeared in a Q&A at MAPPA's 10th Anniversary Event and discussed what motivated him to write "Chainsaw Man." The author claimed that the fantastic chainsaws in "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" were his main source of inspiration. When "Chainsaw Man" premieres next week, viewers should anticipate the same level of violence.

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