The Chalk Line, a brand-new Spanish horror film on Netflix, is trending nonstop on Twitter.

The Chalk Line, a brand-new Spanish horror film on Netflix, is trending nonstop on Twitter.

Many a filmmaker and showrunner have taken advantage of everyone's favourite spooky season to push some of their more bone-chilling stories to screens big and small, and the window is set to close ever-so-slightly come the dawn of November. Trick-or-treaters are expected to line the streets later tonight.
Ignacio Tatay, a director who made his feature film debut in Spain earlier this month with The Chalk Line, appears to be one of these last-minute offenders. The psychological thriller recently made its way to international audiences on Netflix, and it appears that the movie is gaining significant Twitter traffic just in time for Halloween to come to an end.
The Chalk Line, which debuted in Spanish theatres on September 9, stars Elena Anaya as Paula, a resident of a wealthy Spanish suburb who temporarily houses and feeds a lost girl. The girl is originally fostered by Paula and her husband in an effort to help them repair their marriage, but they soon discover that the child is purportedly possessed by a monster that will come to life if she crosses any chalk square that has been drawn on the ground.
The Chalk Line has been the buzz of the town today more than any other day, whether it contains songs of appreciation or a story that is a little murkier.

There doesn't seem to be a shortage of passion for The Chalk Line, and a significant portion of that enthusiasm is further articulated in a way that favourably illuminates the movie. That the movie only has a paltry 47 percent audience approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes makes it all the more odd.

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