The CMT Giants Speech by Vince Gill Will Touch Your Heart

The CMT Giants Speech by Vince Gill Will Touch Your Heart

The epitome of a country music powerhouse is Vince Gill.

The inductee into the Country Music Hall of Fame is renowned for his amazing guitar skills, profound songwriting, acute ear for a catchy melody, and giving back to the country music community.

To honour Gill's contributions and role as a mentor, CMT Giants organised a night including performances of some of his greatest hits by some of today's biggest country music stars.

Gill got up on stage to say a few words towards the end of the evening.

He makes a funny opening to his speech. It could be considered a dad joke, yet it still makes you laugh.

"I discovered that eating at Noshville every evening and every morning for breakfast is the best way to grow into a giant. After each performance, go out with these guys and eat pizza on the bus. and that is how you grow to be enormous.

I wholeheartedly agree that Noshville is a hidden treasure of a restaurant.

He made sure to add that his wife, Amy Grant, is recovering well after having a biking accident earlier this summer.

It's fascinating to learn about Gill's relationship with CMT. He began with the network and serves as a reminder that CMT formerly broadcast music videos similar to those on MTV. I distinctly recall watching the Saturday morning countdown of country music videos.

"I can't thank you enough; I just don't know that I could go through here and tell you all the things I am feeling inside because I don't think I can," he concludes after telling some incredible stories and thanking everyone in the room.

Simply put, I'm appreciative of all of these artists. I am aware of how challenging it is to devote time to learning someone else's song. It was an incredible gift that they did it and sung what they sang.

So, thank you and God bless you for this gift of tonight.

The moving speech was the ideal way to cap off a night spent honouring a masterpiece of country music.

I appreciate all of your contributions to country music. Venetian Gill

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