The 2022 holiday movie schedule is released by Hallmark Channel.

The 2022 holiday movie schedule is released by Hallmark Channel.

A wintertime television tradition, Hallmark Channel will once again play brand-new Christmas movies every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from October 21 through December 18.

Here are Hallmark's holiday film selections for the 2022 season. The longest-running Broadway production, Phantom of the Opera, will end in 2023.
"Noel Next Door" from Hallmark Channel's "Countdown to Christmas" on October 21 The holiday season may see an unexpected romantic turn in the conflict between a single mom and her next-door neighbour.

We Wish You a Married Christmas, Oct. 22 A married couple visits a charming inn in a rural town during the holidays in an effort to rekindle their relationship.

Author of children's books Sarah returns to her hometown on October 23 for "A Kismet Christmas," when she reunites with her family and her high school crush. She quickly finds out that a family rumour might be real.

28.10. "A Cozy Christmas Inn" Erika flies to Alaska over the Christmas holiday to purchase a bed and breakfast, only to learn that her ex is the property's owner. She discovers herself falling in love with the community and perhaps even with him.

29th of October: "Jolly Good Christmas," also known as "Christmas in London" – For Christmas, Molly moves into Patrick's London apartment, and as they get to know one another, sparks start to fly.

"Ghosts of Christmas Always" airs on October 30. One soul is helped to regain his Christmas spirit by Katherine, a Ghost of Christmas Present, but this year has something special in store.

"A Magical Christmas Village" on November 4 Events in the real world resemble those from Summer's model Christmas town.

Lights, Camera, Christmas! - November 5 Kerry rediscovers her love while working as a costume designer for a rom-com filming in her town, and she starts to fall for Brad, the movie's well-known starring guy.

"All Saints Christmas" on November 6 Famous singer Lisette returns home for Christmas, but her family insisted that her ex accompany her when the media mistook a photo of her and him for an engagement announcement.

"In Merry Measure" on November 11 Inadvertently, Darcy finds herself directing the high school chorus alongside her former nemesis, Adam, when she unexpectedly returns home to spend Christmas with her sister and niece.

Nov. 12 - "The Royal Nanny" - Claire, an MI5 agent, poses as the royal nanny to go undercover. In order to do her task and keep the family safe throughout Christmas, she must overcome obstacles such as putting up with Prince Colin's attractions.

"Christmas at the Golden Dragon" on November 13 In the midst of the craziness of its biggest week of the year, a well-liked Chinese restaurant's patrons reevaluate their relationships as it prepares to close just before Christmas.

"Inventing the Christmas Prince" - November 18, When Shelby's kid starts to believe her Scrooge-like boss, Evan, is the Christmas Prince from a tale Shelby made up years earlier, Shelby is about to resign from her position as a rocket engineer.

"Three Wise Men and a Baby" on November 19 When three brothers are required to collaborate to care for a baby over the holidays, they get the shock of their lives.

"When I Think of Christmas" - Nov. When Sara visits her hometown to assist her mother with a relocation, she is shocked to see her ex-boyfriend Josh there. Josh and Sara devise a strategy for the forthcoming Christmas concert that will take them all back to their musical origins when Sara makes a startling discovery.

25 November: Double Feature

Airs at 6 p.m. EST as "#Xmas." When Jen is given the opportunity to participate in a brand's design competition, she assumes the role of a family influencer with the assistance of her closest friend Max and her little nephew. Jen struggles with the decision of whether to continue with her ideal "family" or come clean after her film is chosen as a finalist.
At 8 p.m. EST, "A Royal Corgi Christmas" will air. Just before Christmas, Prince Edmond makes his way back home in expectation of being proclaimed the next king or queen. He presents "Mistletoe," an untrained Corgi, to his mother, the Queen, in an effort to win her favour. Edmond seeks assistance from American canine behaviourist Cecily.
Double Feature on November 26

At 6 p.m. EST, "A Tale of Two Christmases" will air. Emma enjoys two distinct Christmases thanks to some Christmas magic: one where she stays in the city and celebrates with a new crush and his pals, and another where she goes back to her family's house for all the customs. and Drew, a trusted companion who might harbour affections for her.
At 8 p.m. EST, "Haul Out the Holly" will air. When Emily gets home, she expects to see her parents, but instead learns that they are departing on a separate trip. Their HOA is determined to convince Emily to take part in the numerous Christmas celebrations in the neighbourhood when she stays at their home over the holidays.
Double Feature on November 27

At 6 p.m. EST, "A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe" will air. When Annie Cooper takes over as CEO of her late grandmother's struggling small-town cookie firm, she has huge shoes to fill.
At 8 p.m. EST, "A Holiday Spectacular" will air. Follows Maggie as she sneaks into New York City in 1958 to fulfil a secret wish: to perform live on stage in the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular.
"A Big Fat Family Christmas" on December 2 Liv, a photojournalist, keeps quiet about the fact that her family is the topic of her dream job. She finds herself getting close to Henry, the coworker who is covering the story alongside her, but she doesn't want to risk losing her big break by confiding in him.

Dec. 3's "A Fabled Holiday" finds Talia and Anderson, who were best friends since childhood, reuniting in an oddly familiar-looking village that is brimming with holiday cheer and heals its guests just when they need it.

"Undercover Holiday" on December 4 - When coming home for the holidays, newly discovered pop star Jaylen misrepresents Matt as her new love interest by claiming that he is actually her overbearing security guard.

"The Most Colorful Time of the Year" begins on December 9; Ryan, a teacher in an elementary school, discovers that he is colorblind. His student's mother and an optometrist, Michelle, contribute to adding colour to his life just in time for the holidays.

On December 10th, a group of pals get together for their 15th high school reunion in "Christmas Class Reunion."

On December 11th, in "The Holiday Sitter," Sam, a workaholic bachelor, will be watching his niece and nephew while his sister is away for the holidays. He enlists the assistance of their attractive neighbour Jason while completely out of his element and ends up in an unexpected relationship.

On December 16th, in "Holiday Heritage," Ella visits her hometown in an effort to patch things up with her estranged family. She urges her family to observe Christmas and Kwanzaa and to mend their old wounds before it's too late with the aid of Griffin, her ex-boyfriend.

"Twas the Night Before Christmas" day is December 17. In a town's annual Christmas Eve courtroom production where the authorship of the well-known poem "A Visit from St. Nick" is disputed, a former actress hoping to make a name for herself as a director puts her skills to the test.

Hanukkah on Rye, Dec. 18 A matchmaker brings Molly and Jacob together, but when they learn that they are rival deli owners, their new relationship is tested. Will they remain together through a Hanukkah miracle?

Post Malone was hurt after he slipped on stage and fell into a hole.
Miracles of Christmas, a Hallmark Movies and Mysteries production
22nd of October - The carol "We Need a Little Christmas" As Julie prepares to spend her first Christmas without her spouse as a single parent to a grieving child, an unexpected connection forms between her and her elderly neighbour.

"Christmas Bedtime Stories" on October 29. Danielle is forced to raise her daughter on her alone when her husband goes missing in battle while serving in the military. She starts telling her kid bedtime stories about her father three years later as she gets used to life without him.

"A Maple Valley Christmas" on November 5 Erica, a rancher, has worked the family farm alongside her mother and sister for her whole life. She begins to wonder what she really wants when Aaron shows up and ruins her preparations.

"Our Italian Christmas Memories" on November 12 The Colucci siblings set out to make their late grandmother's renowned spaghetti sauce in an effort to stimulate their dementia-stricken grandfather's memory.

"Long Lost Christmas" on November 19 With the big family she knows her recently widowed mother longs for, Hayley intends to surprise her this Christmas season.

"Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas" - November 26 Elizabeth gets a call from an unknown person four days before Christmas, asking for a second chance from the love of his life. The fifth entry in the well-known film series is inspired by the Blake Shelton song "Time for Me to Come Home."

"The Holiday Stocking" on December 3 RJ, a new angel in this Hallmark Mahogany production, is given the chance to express his one regret—that he didn't facilitate his sisters' reconciliation while he was still alive.

Dec. 10: Artist, "The Gift of Peace" Traci, a formerly devout Christian, has given up on God after her spouse sadly passed away in spite of her prayers. She tries going to a support group for motivation and solace as her second Christmas without him draws near.

Dec. 17: In the second holiday tale based on Scotty McCreery's song "Five More Minutes," "Five More Minutes: Moments Like These," a young widow's Christmas desire for her kid is granted in surprising ways when she visits their former house for the holidays.

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