The 19th annual Funky Ferndale Art Fair will take place.

The 19th annual Funky Ferndale Art Fair will take place.

According to Mark Loeb, the Funky Ferndale Art Fair's event coordinator, "We're twice as funky as the average art fair."

The "edgier" art fair comes to Ferndale's downtown for the 19th consecutive year. Loeb, who has been connected with it since its start, claims that it is the art fair for those who are only beginning to understand their passion of art.

According to Loeb, it's for artists who want to exercise a little more creativity in producing work that might not often be in line with what audiences are searching for.

Marta Carvajal, a vendor at the event for the past two years, said she always works in series. She collaborated with many persons and personalities to bring their stories to life in the documentary works of her art that are on display at this year's fair. Carvajal claims that she has been painting her entire life and has done so in the hopes of leaving a legacy.

"The best approach to communicate today's issues to future generations is through the arts. I'm quite fortunate to be able to accomplish this "Caravajal says.

She claims that her time spent in cities like Detroit served as the basis for this particular series. According to her, works like the ones displayed at this fair require a lot of communication, critical thought, and research.

"We are inspired every day by listening to people's daily difficulties and keeping an open mind to a lot of what is being said. It has always existed in the world, and through connecting with other creatives and people, many of the people who enhance our lives are discovered merely as individuals, "Carvajal explains.

According to Carvajal, every artist has a different way of thinking and working that contributes to the individuality and edge of an art market like this one. Loeb agreed.

To see the limits of what is possible in fine art, Loeb said, "I suppose truly the reason people come is they want to look a little bit beyond."

Up until September 25th, downtown Ferndale is home to the Funky Ferndale Art Fair. Throughout the weekend, the DIY Street Fair is also taking place on the east side of Woodward between East 9 Mile Road and East Troy St.

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