Tesla to recall over 2,85,000 cars in China

Tesla to recall over 2,85,000 cars in China

Electric car giant TESLA is all set to “recall” over 2,85,000 cars from the Chinese market after an investigation revealed issues with its assisted driving software that could cause road collisions. TESLA would also contact affected users to upgrade their vehicle’s software remotely free of cost, a State Administration of Market Regulation (SAMR) notice said on late Friday.

“ The recall plan was filed with the State Administration of Market Regulation, and it was decided to recall the following vehicles from today”. said SAMR

The order is the latest blow to the American self–driving car pioneer, which has faced growing regulatory scrutiny in China due to frequent cases of deadly car collisions involving TESLA in recent months.

“Due to issues with the cruise control system ...the driver can easily activate the cruise control system by mistake,” the Chinese government agency said in the notice. The company has also faced severe backlash from social media sites over its quality and service issues in China.

The firm announced last month it would be setting up a data center in China, following user backlash over fears of their data leak to the U.S. TESLA shares dropped almost 8% after the news came up during U.S. Trading hours on late Friday.

Source: Reuters

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