Tanya Singh Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Husband, Family, Images, And More

Tanya Singh Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Husband, Family, Images, And More


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Social media is a platform with the infinite potential of driving the society to positive change. Social media influencers admirably utilize this opportunity to make the world a little richer in knowledge and in love. Acting is an art no lesser than devotion. To enter into some imaginary person's persona to absorb and reflect their lives honestly is what acting is about. This time, INFOSAURS rejoices in bringing Tanya Singh, an adept actor, and sweet social media influencer straight to our readers.



Bubbly Tweety Tanya was born to esteemed Dr. Rakesh Sagar and loving Ms. Chandan Sagar on 16.01.1996 in the vibrant city of Kanpur.  She was brought up lovingly in the caring company of her brother Rohit Singh in the carefree streets of Kanpur.  Tanya earned B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication, after which she went on to Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing. 26-year-old Tanya, now leads a happy life in joyful union with her husband Mr. Rahul Bhatnagar. Interestingly, she had met her love of life in a movie set; in fact, Mr. Bhatnagar was the director of the movie.

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Terrific Tanya is tremendously beautiful. Her sharply sculpted angular face is an emblem of royalness. This face is highlighted by prominent cheeks, a sharp jawline, and a pretty diamond nose. Her sparkling eyes are dark brown and brown long hair gracefully fall on her back. Tanya is 5'.6" inch tall and maintains an enviable fit body of just 57 kilograms.

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Tanya was fortunate to be born in an environment of care, recuperation, and selfless service, i.e., among doctors. Her Father is a pediatrician and her elder brother, is a liver transplant surgeon. So, naturally, she too was expected to be a great doctor. But was fated to forge her own fate. Despite the reservations of her family, she paved her own path and against their wishes, she went to Delhi to pursue journalism.  During this period she stayed with her extended maternal family and worked really hard. The tireless efforts payed off when she graduated in Journalism with flying colors. Her life took a bright turn when she got shortlisted for the mini web show 'The Good Girls Show'. Following this, she acted in several short films and web shows and proved her Mattel as a quality actor. The tough times of COVID 19 was a period when Instagram reels bloomed the brightest and Tanya left no stone unturned to be part of the party. She became a good content creator who was accepted and loved by all. She is enjoying this a lot. Besides all this, Tanya is a respected Brand communication consultant and an integral part of a digital content company, Natak Pictures

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This is where we can know Tanya more deeply. Tanya belongs to the zodiac, Capricorn. Talented Tanya is fondly called 'Chilli' by close friends and family. She draws out of essence watching good movies. 'Kapoor and Sons' is one movie she admires a lot. Two of her adored actors are Clayr Elizabeth Foy and Bradley Cooper. White, the color of peace, appeals the most to her.  Her favorite web show is 'Crown'. Her life is further enriched by her hobbies of painting, singing, dancing, and writing. In her food preferences, a special place is reserved for the simple Alu Poori. She's a brilliant cook herself.  
Where does she yearn to travel to? Vatican City. And for settling, she would prefer Newzealand. A funny fact about this magnetic actress is that she dislikes having to bathe every day. A sweet one - Every weekend, her family members receive her grooming services with homemade beauty products and hacks. On the philosophical front, she is a believer in the Law of Karma. She has a plethora of good habits - always nourishes kindness within, invests heavily in self-care and yoga, being righteous, ever ready to help others, reading extensively and being up-to-date with world affairs, not being a slave of her cellphone, and always giving those around us a free and facilitating environment to help them be the best version of themselves. 

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But, if you believe her, she also have quite some minuses. She acts immature at many occasions, she's quite dependent on others for decision-making, she doesn't believe in polished speaking and so at times can come across as rash. Finally, she's quite an emotionally driven person. Health is almost like worship to her. She never smokes and has alcohol very occasionally. Her maxim for a merry life is - 'Focus only on yourself and spend ample time with your family.' Tanya's dream of a perfect world is living in her beachside villa happily with her family. There is a particularly sweet childhood memory of hers - she used to steal flowers from neighbors and extract perfume. Her maternal granny was the one who always wanted her to be a model or actor and always inspired her for it. In fact, Tanya got introduced to designers thanks to the relatives from her maternal side. In terms of looks and glam, her only inspiration has been Katrina Kaif (ever since she did Namaste London). Interestingly, she hides within, some rare talents. She can voluntarily move her ears (like a bunny?) and is a tough competitor to Ananya Pandey in the art of touching own nose with own tongue.

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A confluence of acting and modeling INFOSAURS has found
In Tanya Singh - one of the best ones around
She sings, she dances, paints and writes
A storehouse of talent - she's a genius sparkling bright
Digital marketing is her forte and strength
Digital brand communications too - she easily tends
Gifted with heavenly beauty - she is incarnate charm
She's pleasing as a breeze 
She's a comforting fire warm
She's been in short movies 
And in many web shows
Her talent beings opportunities
The talent then only grows
May she continue rising, scaling unscaled heights
Wishing Tanya sucess and a career full of lights
Wishing her accolades and a future super bright

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