Tanya Chaudhari Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More

Tanya Chaudhari Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More

Introducing the Treasure

tanya chaudhari

Talent is a boon that everyone is born with; of course, it varies from person to person, but there are only a few multitalented people, and today we will put light on one of them. She is a successful physiotherapist, a fantastic model, a superb blogger, and a great social worker who operates a breast cancer awareness program to save women and girls. She is none other than Tanya Chaudhari. Let's jump into her biography to know her deeply.


Growth of Beauty Queen ( Childhood, education, family)

Tanya was born on 23-07-1993 in Safipur, Unnao, a district of Uttar Pradesh. Her Zodiac sign is Leo. Mr. Bhagwan Das Chaudhari and Mrs. Kiran Chaudhari are very proud and supportive parents of Tanya. She grew up sharing beautiful, sweet memories with her brother Tushar Chaudhari with whom she shares a pure and robust bond. Apart from her parents and sibling, her aunt Kalpana Singh is also a part of the family. Her loved ones call her with a dainty name Kajal. The foundation of her learning initiated from Little Angles School, where she earned strong knowledge from classes 1 to 5. She has completed her higher courses from The Model Intermediate College, Kanpur; after that, she enrolled at Sai Institute of Paramedical and Allied Science, Dehradun, to earn her bachelor's degree. Tanya is a very naughty girl; she keeps irritating her mother by calling her mommy... mommy... and when her mother comes, she puts things off by giving weird reasons. Memories last forever indeed.

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First Impression – Looks and Appearance

Tanya is a beautiful personality with a pure soul. She has a fair skin tone, gorgeous black eyes, and sparkling brown hair. It looks like god has made her with lots of attention and charity. She stands at the height of 5'5 and has 57 kg of body weight, and she has a classic ratio of the body measurement 35-26-37. A perfectly shaped lip and a cute smile enhance her beauty many times. She has two tattoos, one is in her hand, and another is on her forearm. 

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The Turning Point - Career

As we already told you, she is a physiotherapist. She loves her profession; while sharing her career journey, she said - It has been a fantastic journey. I have learned a lot while working in the hospital, and the feeling of wearing an apron of my name has no comparison. It is a very different and emotional feeling when your patient starts recovering.  Her journey as a model started in 2015; she participated in Mr. and Miss Kanpur and won the title of Miss Popular. Then in 2016, she entered the world of Instagram and lighted her journey as a blogger. She kept working hard, modified her body, and lost 17 kgs of weight. After that, she participated in Mr. and Miss North India and won the title of miss creative. 

She is doing well in her Breast Cancer Awareness programShe has visited almost 35 places, including villages, small towns, the girl's school, and she has also worked with many well-known brands. Now, in 2021, she is exclusively on MX Takatak. She has achieved almost everything in just 27 years of age.

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Scanning her life - Informalities

She lives with a formula of ' live and let live,' which makes her life better. Her best friend, Zaid, inspires Tanya. She believes she is only able to do all these things just because of her best friend. She admires Priyanka Chopra as an actress and Can Yaman and Ranveer Singh as actors. She enjoys eating white pasta and paneer stuffed soya chaap.  

Her Favourites; 

  • Travel Destination - Mauritius, Maldives, Paris
  • Place for living - Dehradun
  • Movie - Barfi
  • Web series- Money Heist and Original
  • Color - Black, Red, White

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Tanya loves making handicrafts, reading books, and dancing. She is a good girl as she has no bad habit except biting nails. She neither smokes nor drinks, which makes her healthy and happy. She believes in living the present moment instead of thinking much about the future. The biggest dream of Tanya is to open an NGO and rehabilitation center. She has a good fan following on social sites.

Her Instagram I'd- officialtanyachaudhari

She earns a standard amount of money through brand shoots, paid collaborations, and Mx Takatak.

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Tanya is really an inspiring personality; her works reveal that how pure her heart is. She not only does things that make her and her family happy but also, she keeps doing things for the welfare of society. She is a hard-working girl and lives with a never-giving-up spirit.

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