Standard deviation of ZERO

Standard deviation of ZERO

Standard deviation of ZERO

I clear my throat and produce a note
A long, persistent resonating note
I imagine my swara to be
Straight as a tree, firm as an oath
While the reality stands
The note takes a stroll
A wandering cloud afloat

I look at the candle and then at the flame
To and fro it sways
And  sways the brilliance, just  same

A tightrope walker, stands tall on a rope
Unwavering looks his gait, balanced is he
And so is his hope
A look closer reveals
All the fear he feels
His unshaky walk and the lateral movement 'nil'
Is actually a product of several deviations
Which average out due to his skill

To empty the room of wind, I failingly try
The tremulous candle-flame dances
Much like a lady shy
The tightrope walker continues, to fear: averse
Craftily concealing, his disbalances transverse

My note goes on again and again
Saaaaaaaaa is uttered with a patience faked
Rift with tremors, the swara toils like a hero
With the dream of attaining
Standard deviation of zero

-by Lalit Naidu

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