Speculation from B&B spoilers: Deacon Wont Fall in Love With Sheila

Speculation from B&B spoilers: Deacon Wont Fall in Love With Sheila

Deacon Sharpe keeps pushing Sheila Carter away, according to B&B spoilers, but is he protesting too much? Viewers of soap operas have witnessed the union of two individuals they can't stand.
Deacon (Sean Kanan) and Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) are now living together after Sheila deceived Deacon into having sex with her. Will Deacon fall in love with Sheila, or is it only that he is terrified of her and wants to keep their tryst private? Fans of B&B who had predictions for how this will all turn out were asked this question by Soap Hub.
47% of you think Deacon won't fall in love with Sheila, contrary to what the majority of you think. You believe he is not that foolish. Whether Deacon likes it or not, avoiding Sheila has a practical side that he must consider. The naughty nurse/gun-toting lunatic is not going to make him happy in the long run; he has worked hard to change his life.
Then there are the 41% who believe Deacon could end up falling in love with Sheila. He has to respect her for her perseverance in life. People like Deacon and Sheila must put in twice as much effort to achieve their goals. He might come to understand that she is the right partner for him. Deacon would have a supporter who could assist him in achieving all of his objectives in Sheila.

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The remaining 12% of you predict that Deacon will inevitably fall for Sheila. He may have decided by this point that Brooke Logan Forrester (Katherine Kelly Lang) is the only woman he would ever genuinely love, so why not love the one he has? Sheila would be that. They'll have a cool "smush" name if and/or when they do actually get together; it'll either be "Sheacon" or "Delia."

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