Sophia Bush and Other OTH Stars Gather Around Bevin Following Husbands Death

Sophia Bush and Other OTH Stars Gather Around Bevin Following Husbands Death

Always available to help a fellow Raven Following the passing of her husband, William Friend, Bevin Prince has received support and affection from Sophia Bush, Hilarie Burton, and other One Tree Hill celebrities.

"Our family is mourning the loss of one of its own. Please support @bevinaprince in any way that you can, the Good Samaritan star pleaded on Wednesday, July 6. "Prove her your love, the affection her spouse has always shown her," you say.

Burton posted a picture of himself with Danneel Ackles and Prince.

Every group of friends has a "strong one," as the saying goes. They are the ones who come forward when times are tough. They fill gloomy spaces with joy and light. Protecting those pals is crucial because they won't ever ask for assistance. One of those powerful ones is our friend @bevinaprince, the former White Collar actor stated on July 7 through Instagram. "She is the embodiment of light. Her dear husband @britwilliam died away this week, as some of you may be aware. It's incomprehensible.

The GoFundMe tribute page created to raise money for causes dear to Friend was shared by the author of Rural Diaries.

"Bevin is a significant member of the OTH family. "She and Will went from NYC during the epidemic to start up @recessbybevinprince because they had such a strong sense of community and faith in Wilmington," Burton wrote. There is a link in my bio if you can help her out by showing up as a member of the larger village because they have always valued community. Please help us raise our pal. She is an extraordinary woman.

Just before his 34th birthday, on July 2, Friend passed away after being struck by lightning while on a boat. In 2016, he wed Prince, who sometimes played Bevin during the nine seasons of One Tree Hill.

Ackles also provided details regarding the donation website.

"I am so glad you found each other, even if it was only for a short while, and lived in such love as I look around the house you constructed and the lovely memories and images you decorated with. We will always miss you. If you are able to, please give to support this lovely family as they pay tribute to our friend Will's memory," she posted on Instagram. "Recess is the company that Will and Bevin co-founded in their cherished small town in North Carolina. The American Dream, entrepreneurship, and women in business were the three things that Will respected and valued the most. Please assist us in ensuring that this company expands and continues to provide employment for locals. We will also make a donation to the Special Operators Transition Foundation since Will was enthusiastic about any cause that supported our valiant service members.

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