Song Joong-ki Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Wife, Family, Images, And More

Song Joong-ki Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Wife, Family, Images, And More

Song Joong-ki is a South Korean actor who was born on September 19, 1985. He rose to prominence as one of the original cast members of the historical coming-of-age drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010) and the variety show Running Man (2010-2011). Since then, he has appeared in a variety of television series, including The Innocent Man (2012), Descendants of the Sun (2016), Arthdal Chronicles (2019), Vincenzo (2021), and Reborn Rich (2022), as well as hit films such as A Werewolf Boy (2012), The Battleship Island (2017), and Space Sweepers (2021).

In 2012 and 2017, Song was named Gallup Korea's Television Actor of the Year. He was named to the Forbes Korea Power Celebrity list for the first time in 2013, ranking seventh, then second in 2017, and seventh in 2018. The international success of his TV series and film works established him as a top Hallyu star in the Korean entertainment industry.

Childhood and education

Song was raised in the rural outskirts of Daejeon as the middle child of three siblings. He competed in short track speed skating and represented his hometown of Daejeon at the national level; his skating experience served him well in his role as a national team skater in the TV series Triple. During his freshman year of high school, he was forced to give up the sport due to an injury. He excelled in his studies throughout high school and received admission to Sungkyunkwan University after scoring 380 points out of 400 on his national college entrance exam. He was scouted on the subway by an agent while in Seoul preparing for the entrance exam, but he did not immediately enter the entertainment industry because he was still unsure about his career path and because his father was initially opposed to him becoming an actor. After deciding to enter the entertainment industry full-time during his third year of university, he continued to study part-time, eventually graduating with a degree in Business Administration (minor in broadcasting) in 2012.

Song made her television debut as a contestant on KBS's Quiz Korea, filling in for a sick senior. Song eventually finished second. This drew a lot of attention to him, and he ended up on the cover of the university magazine College.

Beginnings and breakthroughs in my career from 2008 to 2011.

Song made his acting debut in A Frozen Flower, a period piece released in 2008. The following year, he appeared in the omnibus Five Senses of Eros' couple-swapping segment "Believe in the Moment," as well as small but notable roles in Triple and Will It Snow for Christmas?

From 2009 to 2010, Song was also a regular host of the KBS Friday music program Music Bank. He then starred in the 2010 medical drama OB & GY, as well as the animal film sequel Hearty Paws 2.

Song made his breakthrough in the fusion historical drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal, in which he played an 18th-century Joseon-era rich, indolent playboy. Despite the drama's steady but unspectacular ratings, it became a cult hit, and his on-screen "bromance" with actor Yoo Ah-in was well received by viewers. Song also appeared on the variety show Running Man from 2010 to 2011.

Song went on to write Beautiful Skin Project, a best-selling health and beauty guide for men (which was re-released in Japan in 2013). He went on a bicycling tour around Sydney in late 2010, which aired two episodes on TV through ELLE, an offshoot of the eponymous fashion magazine. In addition, I'm Real: Song Joong-ki, a TV special about the actor's trip to Japan, aired in two parts in early 2011. Song later became the MC for the jTBC audition show Made in U.

Song appeared in the romantic comedy Penny Pinchers in 2011 as a jobless deadbeat. Critics praised his performance, calling him a "charismatic, swoon-worthy leading man with a viable presence."

In Deep Rooted Tree, Song played the young king Sejong (2011). Critics praised Song's performance, describing it as a portrayal of a genius who "realizes the futility of power early in life" and hides in his books to cope with growing up under his tyrannical father Taejong's rule. Song received the PD Award for the role at the 2011 SBS Drama Awards.

Later, he narrated the six-part documentary Tears of the Antarctic for MBC's Tears of the Earth (2012), which focuses on the world's most pressing environmental issues, and donated his entire salary to charity. When the series was re-edited and released in theaters as Pengi and Sommi, he reprised his role as the narrator (2012). When discussing his narration role, the Korea Times emphasized his talking baritone. Later, he went on a fan-meeting tour called Song Joong-ki Asia Fan Meeting Tour - THRILL & LOVE, visiting Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea.

Leading roles and military enlistment from 2012 to 2015

Song called 2012 a "phenomenal year" in his career. In the fantasy romance film A Werewolf Boy, which premiered at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival, he played the title character. Song prepared for his role by watching nature documentaries and observing stray dogs on the streets to learn how to mime and imitate animal body movements. He also watched Tim Burton's 1990 romantic fantasy Edward Scissorhands, Matt Reeves' 2010 vampire film Let Me In, and Gollum in The Lord of the Rings on multiple occasions. The film premiered at the Busan International Film Festival and went on to become the most successful Korean melodrama of all time, selling over 7 million tickets.

The Innocent Man, his first leading drama role on television, debuted the same year. Critics and audiences alike praised his assured and nuanced portrayal of an antihero. The drama received high ratings, which, combined with A Werewolf Boy's successful box office run, cemented Song's image in the press as the "savior" of the melodrama genre on both the big and small screens. At the 20th Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards, the 1st K-Drama Star Awards, and the 2012 KBS Drama Awards, Song received the Top Excellence Award (Actor).

Song announced in February 2013 that he would be joining Blossom Entertainment after his contract with Sidus HQ expired.

Song held a fan meeting on August 17, 2013, prior to his enlistment for his mandatory military service. On August 27, he enlisted at the 102nd draft camp in Chuncheon. He was discharged on May 26, 2015, after serving in an infantry unit assigned to patrol and conduct reconnaissance missions along the DMZ.

2016–present: Popularity on a global scale

Song made his small-screen return in Descendants of the Sun, co-starring with actress Song Hye-kyo as a military officer. The drama was extremely popular in Korea, with a peak viewership rating of 41.6%, and in Asia, with 2.5 billion views on iQiyi. The drama reestablished Song as a Hallyu leader, and he topped Asian popularity polls.

The Korea Tourism Organization appointed Song as Korean Tourism Honorary Ambassador to actively promote Korean tourism around the world. He was the first actor to be invited to KBS News 9's nationwide live prime-time newscast. He was also ranked 34th among the Top 100 Future Generation Leaders. In 2016, he became the face of over 30 brands and was named one of Korea's "Brand of the Year." For his acting performance, Song received the Daesang (or "Grand Prize"), the highest award for television, at the 30th KBS Drama Awards and the 5th APAN Star Awards, as well as the Best Actor (TV) award at the 11th Seoul International Drama Awards and the 29th Korean Producer Awards. He then embarked on a sold-out Asian tour that took him to ten different cities, where he met over 60,000 fans.

The Battleship Island, a period action film, was then cast with Song (2017). He co-stars with So Ji-sub and Hwang Jung-min as a member of the Korean independence movement who sneaks onto Hashima Island to save another member.

Song made his small-screen return in the 2019 tvN series Arthdal Chronicles, a historical fantasy drama. His Descendants of the Sun co-star Kim Ji won the drama as a reunion project.

Song left Blossom Entertainment in January 2020 to join History D&C, a newly formed talent management and content production company founded by former SidusHQ executive Hwang Ki-yong.

Song co-starred in the science fiction film Space Sweepers, directed by Jo Sung-hee and released exclusively on Netflix on February 5, 2021. During the first 28 days of its release, the film debuted at No. 1 on Netflix, dominated daily top 10 rankings in 80 countries, and attracted more than 26 million household viewers. He also co-starred as the titular character in the Netflix and tvN series Vincenzo, which premiered on February 20, 2021. After its finale, it became the sixth highest-rated drama in tvN history, and it is currently the ninth highest-rated drama in Korean cable television history. The series was also extremely popular on Netflix, ranking fourth on Forbes' list of the most-watched Korean series on Netflix in 2021.

Song was then cast in Jeong Dae-fantasy Yoon's revenge series Reborn Rich, which was adapted from the popular web novel of the same name. It debuted on JTBC in November 2022, with Song playing an employee who was murdered by a conglomerate family and reincarnated as the youngest member of the same family. With its final episode recording 26.9% nationwide ratings, the series became the highest-rated series aired in 2022 and the second highest-rated drama in Korean cable television history in both viewership ratings and number of viewers.

He will co-star with Lee Hee-joon and Kwon Hae-hyo in the upcoming crime thriller film Bogota: City of the Lost, directed by Kim Seong-je.

Public perception

Song is best known for his "flower boy" or "pretty boy" image, and his theme song is M2"Pretty M's Boy." He studied business administration at Sungkyunkwan University in Korea and was an active anchor for the campus broadcaster. He was known as the school's ulzzang (best face) and umchina, which translates as "mom's friend's son" (perfect son). Song was described as the embodiment of "soft masculinity" by Dr. Jun Sung, author of Korean Masculinities and Transcultural Consumption.

His In 2011, he earned the title "good actor Song Joong-ki" after effectively playing the younger version of King Sejong in Deep Rooted Tree, which made him popular on web portals. After the hit drama The Innocent Man and the most watched melodrama movie A Werewolf Boy in 2012, Song was hailed as "the savior of melodrama" in his home country and dubbed "Korea's DiCaprio." The 'Song Joong-ki syndrome' was coined in 2016, two years after his mandatory military service, in response to his portrayal of the dashing Army Captain Yoo Shi-jin in Descendants of the Sun. He was named Honorary Ambassador of the Korea Tourism Organization, topped Asian popularity polls, and was crowned the CF King. In China, the public safety Weibo page and the Chinese government have issued statements warning against actor and drama overindulgence, citing cases of plastic surgery, domestic violence, and divorce as a direct result. Song, on the other hand, insisted that he never desired a meteoric rise in popularity, saying "It is unavoidable that popularity will fade. That's why I have to be ready at all times."

Former journalist Kim Young-ho described him as "a man of character" rather than just a Hallyu star. In addition, he stated that "He is humble, well-mannered, and courteous. Even after achieving stardom, he maintained his demeanor and remained humble." So Ji-sub, an actor, described him as "a manly man without any pretense." Other South Korean celebrities who have praised his manners include Gummy, DinDin, Park Hoon, Kim Jong-kook, Onew, Moon Chae-won, Park Bo-young, Jo In-sung, and Lee Kwang-soo. He is also known for his regular donations to various causes and participation in charitable activities.

Song regards it as his "responsibility" to be aware of his growing international fan base, stating that "I could never have gotten to this point without the help of many others." I believe that the efforts and hard work of my predecessors, staff members, and fans have contributed to this outcome. As a result, I feel a sense of responsibility. I intend to live up to my reputation as a Korean citizen, actor, and human being. I will do my best to maintain a modest but confident demeanor at all times." When asked in 2017 about his role in The Battleship Island, which depicts the sensitive subject of Korean-Japanese history, he stated that it was a small expression of his beliefs.

After years of avoiding social media, Song opened his official Instagram account on February 14, 2021, under the username "hi songjoongki," which is managed directly by his agency History D&C. When interviewed for KBS News 9 in 2016, Song admitted that keeping up with the latest technology, including social media, was difficult for him. His fancafé, which he founded in early 2006, became his primary means of communication with his official fandom, "Ki Aile," which translates as "Ki's wings." Song described his fans as his "wings," as they lift him up emotionally and financially by voting for him, purchasing the products he endorses, and watching all of his movies and TV shows.

Other business ventures


Song and Park Shin-hye were chosen as public relations ambassadors for the 17th Jeonju International Film Festival in 2010. (JIFF). Song was chosen as the ambassador for the Good-hearted Library Project in 2011, a Standard Chartered talent donation campaign that allows the public to participate in the production of audiobooks for the visually impaired. The South Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare appointed Song and Ha Ji-won as honorary ambassadors of medical tourism in 2013. They made appearances in regional cities on behalf of Medical Korea in order to promote increased international cooperation in medical technology and positive medical tourism. Song was named honorary ambassador and promotional model for Korean tourism by South Korea's Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism in 2016. Song will serve as the honorary ambassador for Incheon International Airport from 2017 to 2021.


Since 2011, Song has been a celebrity advocate for cancer-affected children. This was later revealed in early March 2016 by the Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation (KCLF) on their official blog. Over the last five years, he has secretly donated treatment to more than ten children. He has participated in the "Yellow Ribbon Campaign" to raise awareness about childhood cancers, according to KCLF. In addition, he has distributed rice wreaths from press conferences and his earnings from narrating the documentary Tears of the Antarctic. This has prompted his official fan club, Ki Aile, to commemorate his birthdays by donating transplant fees to patients suffering from leukemia and cancer. Song has donated to KCLF every year since. Song also helped the visually impaired by lending his voice.

During his military service in 2015, he donated 100 million won to the UNICEF Korea Committee to assist children and victims of the April 2015 earthquake in Nepal. Song donated all of his earnings from appearing on the May 13 episode of Hurry Up, Brother, a Chinese version of Running Man, to a Chinese charity organization in 2016. Song also donated a portion of the proceeds from his 2016 Asian Fan Meeting Tour to a foundation that assists those affected by the 2008 Sichuan earthquake. Furthermore, all of his earnings from fan meetings in Seoul and Thailand were donated to an unnamed charity. Song then donated 20 million won to the House of Sharing in Gwangju, Gyeonggi, a shelter for elderly women forced to be comfort women by the Imperial Japanese Army during WWII. While filming The Battleship Island, a period action film about Korean workers under Japanese rule, the actor was most likely influenced. Later that month, in July 2017, his fans made a donation to the same center. Song donated 30 million won to Gangwon Province wildfire victims in 2019. Song made donations for coronavirus prevention from 2020 to 2021. While quarantined, Song took part in the promotion of the annual dance festival Korea International Accessible Dance Festival (KIADA) for people with disabilities on August 2, 2021. Song received the Presidential Commendation Award for his generous contributions over the years on October 26, 2021.


Song had backed deals in nearly every industry, including healthcare, cosmetics, clothing, food, travel and tourism, telecommunications, electronics, and retail. In May 2008, he debuted in a Dunkin' Donuts television commercial. Following her role in the 2010 drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Song became the face of fashion brands EZIO and TBJ, casual clothing brand AD HOC with Min Hyo-rin, sports brand Le Coq Sportif with IU, and foods Pizza Etang, a popular pizza in South Korea, and Ottogi Snack Ramen. Song was chosen for the brand Xbox 360 Kinect in 2011 because of his "childlike, innocent, and healthy" image that matches the new hands-free game controller and LG XNote with Shin Min-a. Song was also named the official ambassador of Tony Moly skincare and FUJIFILM polaroid for two years in a row. Following that, he appeared in an advertisement for restaurant brand Sonsoo as a prodigy cook alongside Song Seung-heon and Yoon Sang-hyun. Song was also selected as the new face of the dairy company Seoul Milk.

Blossom Entertainment reported in 2012 that Song was on his way to becoming the next CF King after starring in the drama The Innocent Man and the film A Werewolf Boy. He was the main model for the global soda brand Sprite for two years in a row. He was an endorser for the water purifier brand Ruhens from 2013 to 2016. Ruhens chose Song as their new endorser in February 2019.

Song became the face of more than 30 international and local products after the release of the pan-Asian hit drama Descendants of the Sun in 2016. Song was chosen as the best model to represent South Korean brands in the Korea Broadcast Advertising Promotion Corporation's (KOBACO) "2016 Consumer Behavior Survey." Baskin Robbins, LG Household & Health Care, KT, Forencos, Jeju Air, Hite Jinro, Cuchen, and Proya with Zhang Ziyi, Tencent, and VIVO are among his advertisements. Song and Park Bo-gum have also worked as brand models for Domino's Pizza and LINE Pay Card. Song was named the brand ambassador of SK Planet's online marketplace "11Street" in Thailand in February 2017. He appeared in TV, digital, and outdoor advertisements alongside Thai actress Mew Nittha at the busiest Bangkok Mass Transit System stations in Chit Lom, Siam, and Phrom Pong. Cheil Thailand reported that the campaign was a success, as its Facebook page received over 1 million views shortly after its launch. Song was announced as the new endorser of Hyundai LIVART, a lifestyle culture company based in Korea, in April 2018. Only 14 years after actress Kim Nam-joo was chosen as its advertising model in 2004, they chose Song.

Relationships in one's personal life

Song and Descendants of the Sun co-star Song Hye-kyo announced their engagement on July 5, 2017 via their respective agencies. On October 31, 2017, they married in a private ceremony at Youngbingwan, Hotel Shilla in Seoul, amid intense media interest across Asia, with his closest family and friends. The couple announced their divorce on June 26, 2019, and it was finalized in July 2019.

Song was confirmed to be dating a non-celebrity British girlfriend on December 26, 2022. On January 30, 2023, Song announced on his fancafé that he had married his British girlfriend, former actress Katy Louise Saunders, and that she is pregnant with their child.


Main article: Song Joong-ki filmography


YearSong TitleHangulNotes
2011"Enjoy A Rummy"맛있게도 냠냠tracks from Penny Pinchers OST
"The Water is Wide"
(with Gyepi)
바다가 넓어 건널
2012"Really"정말track from The Innocent Man OST


2010Beautiful Skin Project피부미남 프로젝트Song Joong-ki, Hwang Min-youngAntenna Books

Fan meeting

September 20, 2009SeoulFirst Fan Meeting Birthday PartySeoul Asian Art Hall
November 25, 2011Kobe1st Japan Fan MeetingKobe Portopia
November 27, 2011TokyoSanrio Puroland
April 28, 2012BangkokThrill & Love: First Asia Fan Meeting TourParagon Hall
May 27, 2012SingaporeSingapore Shine Auditorium
June 2012Hong Kong
July 22, 2012SeoulKyunghee University Crown Hall
August 17, 2013Fan Meeting in SeoulSangmyung Art Center
April 17, 20165th Fan Meeting in Seoul: The Day We Meet AgainKyunghee University Pavilion
May 7, 2016Bangkok2016 Asia Fan Meeting TourThunder Dome, Muangthong Thani
May 14, 2016BeijingOlympic Sports Center Gymnasium
May 21, 2016WuhanWuhan Lobby, China Culture Expo Center
May 27, 2016GuangzhouGuangzhou International Sports Arena
May 28, 2016ShenzhenShenzhen Bay Sports Center
June 11, 2016Hong KongAsiaWorld–Arena
June 17, 2016ChengduChengdu Sports Centre
June 25, 2016TaipeiNational Taiwan University Sports Center
July 16, 2016ShanghaiShanghai Indoor Stadium
September 1, 2018SeoulOur Day Together: 10th Anniversary Fan MeetingKyung Hee University Peace Hall
May 7, 2021WorldwideSong Joong Ki, LiveHistory D&C YouTube Channel

Awards and nominations

Name of award ceremony, year presented, award category, nominee of award, and result of nomination

Award ceremonyYearCategoryNominee(s) / Work(s)Result
APAN Star Awards2012Top Excellence Award, ActorThe Innocent ManWon
2016Grand Prize (Daesang)Descendants of the SunWon
Top Excellence Award, Actor in a MiniseriesNominated
Best APAN Star AwardWon
Best Couple Award with Song Hye-kyoWon
2022Grand Prize (Daesang)VincenzoWon
Top Excellence Award, Actor in a MiniseriesNominated
Popularity Star Award, ActorNominated
Best Couple with Jeon Yeo-beenNominated
Asia Artist Awards2016Grand Prize (Daesang)Descendants of the SunNominated
Asia Contents Awards2021Best Actor (TV)VincenzoNominated
Asia Model Awards2011BBF Fashionista AwardSong Joong-kiWon
Baeksang Arts Awards2013Best Actor – FilmA Werewolf BoyNominated
2016Best Actor – TelevisionDescendants of the SunNominated
Most Popular Actor (TV)Won
iQiyi Global Star AwardWon
2021Best Actor – TelevisionVincenzoNominated
Most Popular ActorSong Joong-kiNominated
Blue Dragon Film Awards2010Best New ActorHearty Paws 2Nominated
2021Best ActorSpace SweepersNominated
Popular Star AwardWon
Brand Customer Loyalty Award2021Best Actor - FilmSong Joong-kiWon
Brand of the Year Awards2016Actor of the YearWon
Chunsa Film Art Awards2021Best ActorSpace SweepersWon
KBS Drama Awards2010Excellence Award, Actor in a Mid-length DramaSungkyunkwan ScandalNominated
Popularity AwardWon
Best Couple Award with Yoo Ah-inWon
2012Excellence Award, Actor in a Mid-length DramaThe Innocent ManNominated
Top Excellence Award, ActorWon
Netizens' AwardWon
Best Couple Award with Moon Chae-wonWon
2016Top Excellence Award, ActorDescendants of the SunNominated
Excellence Award, Actor in a miniseriesNominated
Grand Prize (Daesang)Won
Best Couple with Song Hye-kyoWon
Asia Best Couple with Song Hye-kyoWon
Kinolights Awards2021Actor of The Year (Domestic)Vincenzo & Space Sweepers2nd
Korea Culture & Entertainment Awards2012Top Excellence Award, ActorThe Innocent ManWon
Korea Drama Awards2011Best New ActorSungkyunkwan ScandalNominated
2016Grand Prize (Daesang)Descendants of the SunNominated
Korean Producer Awards2017Best Performer AwardWon
Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards2013Favorite ActorA Werewolf BoyWon
SBS Drama Awards2011Producer's AwardDeep Rooted TreeWon
SBS Entertainment Awards2010Best Newcomer in a Variety ShowRunning ManWon
Seoul International Drama Awards2016Outstanding Korean ActorDescendants of the SunWon
Style Icon Asia2010New Style Icon (TV Actor)Song Joong-kiWon
2012Style IconWon

State honors

Name of the organization, year presented, and the award given

South Korea[b]2016Presidential Commendation
Financial Services Commission[c]2021Presidential Commendation


Name of publisher, year listed, name of listicle, and placement

Forbes2012Korea Power Celebrity27th
Gallup Korea2012Gallup Korea's Actor of the Year1st
Sisa Journal[d]2016Most Influential People in Broadcasting and Entertainment2nd
100 Next Generation Leaders34th

Song Joong-ki Biography

NameSong Joong-ki
Date of Birth19-Sep-1985
Age in 202338
Birth PlaceDong District, Daejeon, South Korea
CountrySouth Korea
NationalitySouth Korean
Height1.78 (m)
WeightUnknown (KGs)
ProfessionSouth Korean Actor
HeightIn Centimeters: 178 cm.
In Meters: 1.78 m.
In Feet Inches: 5'10"
WeightIn KG: Not known
In Pound: Not known
Eye Color-
Hair Color-
Marital StatusMarried
Spouse(s)Song Hye-kyo
Marriage Date​ ​(m. 2017; div. 2019)​

Some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about Song Joong-ki.

  1. What is the Net Worth of Song Joong-ki?

The Net Worth of Song Joong-ki is $1 million.

  1. What is the Height of Song Joong-ki?

The height of Song Joong-ki is 1.78.

  1. Where is the birthplace of Song Joong-ki?

The birthplace of Song Joong-ki is Dong District, Daejeon, South Korea

  1. What is the Date of Birth of Song Joong-ki?

The birthday of Song Joong-ki is on 19-Sep-1985.

  1. Is Song Joong-ki Married?

The marital status of Song Joong-ki is: Married.

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