Someone impersonating Mark Ruffalo conned mangaka out of $500,000

Someone impersonating Mark Ruffalo conned mangaka out of $500,000

Scams on the internet are growing more and more common. You may have seen the memes about this, when users message one another on social media using fictitious celebrity profiles. The same thing occurred with Chikae Ide, a well-known experienced mangaka artist. Viva! Volleyball, Wine Road of Love, Onna Kansatsui, and many other works have made her famous.
She was duped out of 500,000 by a mark ruffalo impersonator, who is well known for playing the Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In addition, she published a manga called Poison Love that details her costly experience with a catfishing scam. The con artist first pretended to be Mark Ruffalo.

How Did She Fall for a Scam?
As a result, the swindler lures the artist and storyteller into a trap by using both his person as bait and his face as a lure. Through Facebook, they made contact with her and spoke to her in a way that helped her let down her guard.
74 years old is Chikae Ide. She was looking for a partner in crime with whom she could spend the rest of her days. But she had no idea that he would con her.

She claimed her previous marriage was harsh, and the man pretended to console her by promising that he wouldn't treat her cruelly ever again. She and the unidentified man had a minute-long video chat. Ide was misled by the attacker using Deepfake technology, but she was certain that Mark Ruffalo was the one who had been seduced.

Mangaka continued her account by saying that she believed the pair had secretly wed virtually for a considerable amount of time. Soon after the couple's "unofficial wedding," the swindle started. The guy initially wanted $1100, but over time increased their demands until they reached $500,000.
Increased Awareness
Ide-san, the author of Poison Love, wished to draw attention to the pervasiveness of current internet fraud. The COVID-19 epidemic caused an increase in these fraudulent activities, which may have continued afterward. Chikae Ide struggled for a very long time because she was worried about getting old and the fact that she was alone in the world.
After that, Chikae Kids managed to convince her to end the relationship that was consuming all of her savings and see the light. It turns out that not even well-known persons are safe from these scams. We only ask that you continue to be alert and cautious. Don't fall prey to such frauds and forfeit your honour and savings.
Ide sent him 75 million yen throughout the course of the 3.5-year swindle. So, the answer is no, she hasn't recovered any of the money. The culprit, who might be evading capture right now, has not yet been found by the police. She has been permanently traumatised by this terrible crime.

Ide remarked, "It was such a stupid experience. But I hope it serves as a lesson for everyone. I'm sorry to my friends and acquaintances who gave me loans while I disregarded their advice. And as a way of saying "thank you," I pledge to keep making manga till I pass away.

You are advised by Anime Senpai to use caution and avoid following these earing trends. Scams are becoming more prevalent every day. It's possible that it will soon be your turn. For the latest information on otaku culture, be sure to follow us on social media. I'll see you in the next one as usual. Peace!

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