Soma Majhi Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Family, Images & More

Soma Majhi Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Family, Images & More


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West Bengal is famous for its bamboozling dusky beauties, among many other things. Bold, independent, confident, vivacious, and outspoken- are some of the adjectives which best describe Bengali Beauties. One of the forerunners in this team of innumerable glamorous and amorous women is Soma Majhi. An Indian artist with international name, fame and acclaim, Soma, popularly known as Natasha, is an internationally renowned fashion model, an impactful actor, and an inspiring influencer who has shaken and taken the world by storm. At the young age of 27, what Natasha has managed to achieve and accomplish is alarmingly amazing and staggeringly stupendous. One of the finalists of the coveted pageant 'Miss Perfect' 2016 and the captivating woman featuring in 2020 sensational.
Bengali song 'Tui Chal' from the successful Bengali movie 'Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti', Natasha is an artist par excellence. Having painted such a powerful, pretty, and palatable picture of this supermodel, it is only natural to be highly curious to know more and more about this phenomenon. So, you are urged to carry on in this journey of unraveling this beautiful mystery, popularly known as the 'Dusky Beauty'. Keep reading to keep getting awe-and-wonder-struck.  

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Natasha was born on 10 December 1991 in the vibrant city of Durgapur. Blessed with beauty, power, and righteousness like divine mother Durga, Soma enjoyed a blissful childhood in Durgapur with her pampering mother Maltui Majhi. Her early life was spent in a humble middle-class background and her happy life and worry less world, was shared by her mother and dear grandmother. Soma a.k.a. Natasha is affectionately addressed as Manu by her close friends and relatives. Her formative years were shaped by schooling in RE College Model School, a renowned institute in Durgapur. Natasha graduated from DIST (Durgapur Institute of Science and Technology).

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 A squish face with lightly outlined jaws, beguiling brown eyes, flattish and slightly upturned diamond-shaped nose, lush, plush, and full lips- sum total of all is a gorgeous and attractive face of Natasha. This lovely face rests on a skillfully sculpted body measuring 34-28-36 and standing 5'6" tall and weighing a balanced 54kg. Thick, nourished and black-brown hair flowing up to well below her shoulders and her clear, rich, and lovely wheatish complexion further add to this ethereal attraction. Natasha has dainty feet having size 7.
A believer of natural beauty and amply blessed with the same, Manu never believed in any artificial enhancement and hence never had any surgery. However, she does love body tattoos and has decorated 4 tattoos on her lovely hands. Ironically enough, this limitless beauty has no beauty spot or mole. Manu is a truly jaw-dropping beauty one can watch on forever and ever.

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Every path of success is adorned with sweat of efforts and scars of struggle. The journey of Natasha is no different. Manu left her hometown, Durgapur, after her graduation and started working in a call center in Delhi. Those were the years of intense struggle and pain.
In between, Soma kept trying her luck in small jobs in the fashion industry, including ramp walks. Manu recollects that since her childhood days, her interest in fashion line was intense. She always participated in fashion events as a model. Struggling in Delhi, little by little saving her resources and money, she finally took the leap of faith and shifted to Mumbai to make her dreams come true. After a lot of hardships and continued perseverance, she shot into fame. She was accorded the title 'bong beauty' and became an international model.

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Thus, was her 10-12 years of journey of hard-work, dedication, and sincere efforts and never giving up. She also made a move from a model to an actor and acted in a  few web series, but, acting was never her primary interest. Fashion and modeling remained her primary passion.
Passion for work and patience in life and courage at face of hardships are what primarily showered her career with accomplishments. Manu belongs to a middle class and old-fashioned community which not only doesn't accept and welcome modeling profession but denounces it as something bad. Fighting against all the odds and daringly defying all resistance, Natasha overcame, prevailed and emerged on top, transforming from a simple girl to an international supermodel.
Started her career as a fashion print model, she evolved into a supermodel and fashion influencer. In her career spanning a decade, she has undertaken international shoots, fashion designer shoots and print ads and now she is working in a web series with a renowned production house. A very successful and established model now, she has featured in several digital and offline media platforms with revolutionary and leading global brands like Vero Moda, MissaMore, Archana Kochhar, etc. The key highlight in her career, like the diamond on her crown of jewels, is the 2020 movie song 'Tui Chol' from the movie 'Brahma Janen Gopon Kommoti'. This video has already amassed over 8000 likes and half a million views!

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Awards and accolades have never stayed away. In a much-coveted beauty pageant. 'Miss Perfect 2016', Manu had ended up among the 10 finalists. She has a vast experience in bridal shoots, concept shoots, online shoots, designer shoots, jewellery shoots, and ramp walk.
When it comes to working with brands, Natasha's success is unbelievable. She has bagged opportunities to be a part of Mission Parrel, Veromoda, TVS Prints, Poddar group, Max protein, My Fitness, Wella, and a number of world-renowned brands of international acclaim.
She also operates an Instagram channel 'somamajhiofficial' which has a crazy fan-following of about one and a half lakhs! In near future, she has many international shoots for magazines and albums lined up. Also, she is going to work in web series.
 Words will fall short and pages insufficient if we go on describing her career in greater details and listing all her achievements. So, we leave it at this. May her sprawling career keep proliferating and throbbing the fans of all the fans.  

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Fondly known as Manu, Natasha is a Sagittarius and a stylish single (not necessarily ready to mingle). Natasha is professionalism at its best and is not finicky in her work. She is comfortable with all kinds of dresses, outstation shoots, country shoots, anytime, anywhere. She is ever ready, enthusiastic, and comfortable. Soma is a fanatic foodie, adventurous traveler and she loves to dance. Manu also derives great delight from discovering new things and constantly acquiring new knowledge. Her greatest plus points are endless passion, unending patience, unyielding hard work, a knowledge-seeking mind and most importantly a humble and down-to-earth person. Her weaknesses include being excessively naïve and blindly trusting and sometimes being extremely lazy.
She is a woman of consciousness and great habits, but, on very rare and occasional events, she does indulge in smoking and tasting wine.
Just like you and me, Manu is full of endearing childhood memories. She reveals filling her mouth with water and throwing tantrums to avoid eating meals whenever she did not want to eat. She also was full of pranks.

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Stealthily climbing neighborhood trees and stealing fruits, especially mangoes, were one of her happy childhood memories. Skillfully and silently stealing and gobbling dishes forbidden for her by the family was another thing she enjoyed particularly.

Among colours, Manu loves the red of passion and the black of silence. Her favorite actors are the dazzling Deepika Padukone and the amazing Akshay Kumar. She never shies away from delicious food and is especially in love with Bhindi and spicy dishes.
Her formula for a happy life is simple: To keep persevering and working honestly. Her biggest dream is to become a versatile actor. As per her, the most important quality of an actor is being professional, something reflected deeply in her career.
Her inspiration for becoming an actor is pretty straightforward- The enjoyment and fun derived from work. Her one message for her fans is to keep working hard,
never fearing failures, and getting up as many times as you fall. When asked about her most useless talent, she jokes that it is the unproductive internet surfing. As one keeps digging deeper, this lovely personality keeps springing up surprise after surprise.
Soma is a very colorful and vibrant personality indeed.

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Thus, we have had a faint glimpse of this brilliant creation of art. Yet the glimpse itself is sufficient to blind us with its brilliance into a perpetual awe and wonderment. It is inevitable that this gripping phenomenon will only keep growing and getting stronger and stronger influencing each and everyone in the audience and etching and carving a special place in the hearts of lover of arts.

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