Sohil Qureshi Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images And More

Sohil Qureshi Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images And More

Opening: about the Leader.

In the world of business, one can have a different or similar experience with the others. Regardless of where they came from or how they acquired their fortune, the Success one businessmen of today have different stories to tell on how they succeeded in their specific fields. Anyone can start their own business, but only a few can meet their goals and build their wealth. Today, INFOSAURS wants to introduce you to the IRS and Best Business Idea Creator 2019 Winner- Mr. SOHIL QURESHI can also call him “Collector Sahab”.

sohil qureshi

Let’s Dug in.


The life of a businessman is tough and we are often hit by a roadblock. Like it or not, building your empire from scratch takes every bit of your heart, soul, blood, and sweat. And Working hard all the time SOHIL QURESHI has come through all the way. To understand his story we must go back to September 25, 1998, that's the day that Mr. SOHIL QURESHI was born to his parents, FATHER -MR. A.R REHMAN QURESHI, MOTHER - MRS. SABEENA QURESHI. Having a wonderful childhood with his SISTER - NARGISH QURESHI, BROTHER - SAHIL QURESHI. Completed his elementary school at SATPUDA SHARDA HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL, Then Consummated his Under Graduation BSC at Padmatavi college, and finally moved to Delhi to complete his PG MBA- at GURU GOVIND UNIVERSITY, DWARKA, NEW DELHI. As growing up who knew he would be an IRS and a Businessman.

His Glimmering Looks.

When it comes to business and implementation, no amount of knowledge is ever enough. While you have your own set of expertise, Looks, and many. And 23 YEARS old  SOHIL QURESHI has amazing glimmering looks for one to get attracted to, A body falls from a height of 5' 3" Inch, weight around 65kg. Has a shimmering face with a fair complexion, a slim body, and with his black eyes and hair. Need No additional look for SOHIL QURESHI to add on so, with no tattoos, Just a clear face with an attractive smile and looks.

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Burn the Candle at Both Ends


Mr. SOHIL QURESHI who is also called “COLLECTOR SAHAB” after completing his graduation, left for Delhi to do his post-graduation (entrepreneurship) and became IRS in 2020, and left for Nagpur permanently. Received the best Business idea creator award in 2019, honored by the president. Present SOHIL QURESHI is focused on his business which is MBA coffee wala. Something which assures is that SOHIL QURESHI had 187 girlfriends till now.

Whistle blower:

Spill the beans

SOHIL QURESHI who has thought In his childhood that, real money was fake money, tore some fifty thousand rupees, has many facts to know about him. His liked Colors include BLUE, YELLOW, BLACK. Who is fond of SALMAN KHAN and MADHURI DIXIT. And who loves to eat some junky food like BURGER, PIZZA. Where his best-liked movies and series Include 3 IDIOTS and SCAM 1992. To make a place for living SOHIL QURESHI decides to live in NAGPUR and MAHARASTRA. Everyone loves to travel and SOHIL QURESHI picks SWITZERLAND as his travel destination, and coming to his hobbies one can guess what are his hobbies cause SOHIL QURESHI loves Reading books and to Collect New information. There is one unknown fact about him that we want to spill: SOHIL QURESHI speaks in Sleep, and his Bad habit include EXCESSIVE SLEEP and Good Habit include HELPING OTHERS. No smoking, No alcohol. Just Good perfect health he maintains. SOHIL QURESHI mentioned The life Formula as: “DON’T EXPECT ANY0NE TO BE HAPPY IN LIFE” Cause you work hard and make your dreams come true and His Biggest Dream is To Become one of the Richest Person in the world. All this he says cause he Mentions “HIS FATHER” as his Inspiration. SOHIL QURESHI is so true that he mentioned his useless talent as “It's my useless talent to attract people to me” where one should admire these words.

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Ongoing Life.

SOHIL QURESHI has started his own outlet called GO69 Pizza and after few days he starts with his own company called MBA COFFEE WALA. Where his Income includes 28 lakhs every year, this income comes from his own business. And his job salary includes 65000 INR. His upcoming future Project is really very helpful to many people in this world and that is he wants to build NGO AND HOSPITALS.

His social Media :

SOHIL QURESHI has been active on his social media and includes many bunch of followers in his hands, His Instagram account has 108K followers and His YouTube account MBA COFFEE WALA consists of  72k plus subscribers.-If you are new, Then do follow up on his social medial accounts given below.


All in All:

The Road to success is paved with tests, So you’ve got to believe in yourself above the rest.
Dream big and let your passion shine, if you don’t, you won’t end with a dime.
He made Bold moves, Played always fair.
Did what he loved and Loved what he want.
Through the roads of creativity and innovation
He got an idea, a product of strategic gestation.
Wrapped in the clothes as astound and aberration
The responsibility to work hard and well for an entire Nation.
That was SOHIL QURESHI. The Bold one who always worked and works for the Nation.

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