Snehal Jadhav Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Husband, Images & More

Snehal Jadhav Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Husband, Images & More


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A beautiful body is indeed a gift from heaven, but being beautiful and being able to express it influentially is no cakewalk. It requires a style, temperament, personality, and aura to be able to honestly express our body in a captivating and mesmerizing manner. This is what modeling is all about. The world is full of lovely models, and so is India. Among the group of innumerable established and famous models is an emerging phenomenon which holds mighty caliber. Snehal Jadhav is her name. A freelance model of high quality, Snehal is undoubtedly a heart-throb.

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The sizzling Snehal Sachin Jadhav (SSJ) was born to a calm and charismatic father and a tender and loving mother on 14.9.1990 in Indore, M.P. However, her hometown, which she is most attached to, is Nasik, Maharashtra. She was imparted a quality education in Matoshri Rampyari Bai Sarada Kanya Vidya Mandir, Nasik. Then, our sweet Snehal went on to graduate and earn degrees of B.Com. and M.C.M. from Bhonsala Military College, from Bhonsala Military College. Snehal enjoyed a very nurturing, enriching, and sweet childhood which helped her become the magnanimous lady she is today. This talented model is now happily married and is leading a comfortable and joyful life in Pune.

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The 30-year sensation, Sneha, is an absolute charmer. Replete with the grace and attractiveness of a classical dancer, Sneha is a traditional beauty. She has a pretty oval face of a medium to the white complexion with soft features which include a prominent chin, slightly uplifted cheekbones, diamond-shaped nose, full and plump lips, large and beautiful blackish-brown eyes, and finally long and nourished and thick black hair. Bearing an unusually tall built, standing at 5'8", she sports an attractive hourglass figure reading 34-28-32. She merely weighs an economic 60 kg. That is all about the freshness and magic of the natural beauty Sneha possesses. 

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Currently, this angel is working as an HR officer in a construction company. She is thus an independent working woman who has a steady and handsome source of income, both from her job and modeling career. Recently, Snehal opened the show for Miss & Mrs earth 2019 theme models. She had Won the title of Mrs. Best photogenic face 2019. She was also awarded with 'The Royal present honor - Saundaryawati Mi Maharashtrachi and Samrat me Mahrashtracha. Snehal also won the V.S.Fashion show's 'Viewers choice Trophy', 2019 She also had ended up as one of the finalists of Swamini Shrawan Queen, 2019.   In the near future, she will be involved in some print shoots with 'Attitude' clothing Brand.

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Fondly known as Sonu, Snehal is a Leo as per the Zodiac. Our gorgeous lady does not believe in the excessive artificial enhancement of beauty and prefers being natural. She has no tattoo on her body. She takes extra care of her perfect health and thus totally avoids smoking and drinking. She is fluent and eclectic in  Gujrati, Hindi, Marathi, and English languages. In case of dressing, she is not stringent and is fine with both traditional and western wear like skirts and gowns. She loves draping in saris of all kinds. She dreams of beholding the entire Pune city flooded with her beautiful posters and/ or banners. She takes a lot of interest in movies and when it comes to actors, Amitabh Bacchan captivates her the most. Among actresses, the magnetism and magical acting of Rekha is what make her a favorite of Sneha. Sneha takes great pleasure in enjoying good food and particularly likes South Indian food. The mysterious black is her favorite color. The Heart-rendering performances of Sridevi and Kamal Hassan is why Sadma is her favorite movie. Among places, she is deeply rooted to her hometown and finds Nasik as the best place to travel to. This 30-year diva's hobbies include dancing, nature photography, and modeling. She is especially skilled in dance and cooking. Her formula for a happy life is straight and simple - to live and to let live. In her eyes, the greatest attribute of a good model/actor is maintaining a burning passion and choosing the right project at the right time. 

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Full of aura and charisma, the model captivates
Instilling life in modeling, Modeling she celebrates
Fluidity and expressions of a dancer, this diva packs
There is not a single divinity that is goddess lacks
Just cast a fleeting glance, you're caught before you realize
Such is the spell of this model, who brings modeling to life

And that is all, that words can manage to convey about this surreal and ethereal glam doll. For any further familiarity, all we can wait for is the next photoshoot, where this model is naturally bound to enrapture all.

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