Smriti Roy Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More

Smriti Roy Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More


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So much has already been said about content creation that there is the danger of redundancy. But still, I would like to add that content is a deeply creative idea, presented in an organized and scientific manner in order to make all the consumers (listeners/watchers) relate so much with it that they themselves become the part of that content! This is a rare ability and rare are the people possessing it! INFOSAURS has struck, once again, on the diamond mine! Straight from the mine, it brings a Kohinoor of content development. Smriti Roy is a raw and extremely natural artist. Her content and especially raps are on subjects so familiar and engrossing that everyone just wanna stay glued! So, as we proceed, we shall shred more and more, brighter and brighter light on the life and work of this delightful and darling content-maker.

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Smiling Smriti was born on 09.08.2001 in Bihar. She spent her spectacular and mischievous childhood wandering throughout Rajasthan. Her adorable younger sister and lovely mother form the most crucial part of her childhood. Regarding schooling, her family left no stone unturned to get her schooled in the best possible environment. Smriti has studied across 7 different schools in Rajasthan. And then, after passing out of high school, she joined Rajasthan University where she is currently going through Honours in Accountancy. This is all about the brief flashback tracking the transformation of a little mischievous girl too? well, a young and bubbly mischievous content developer.

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The 19-year-old influencer is a cute and bubbly girl with a million-dollar smile. She has dark black expressive eyes and thick black hair. Sweet Smriti stands 5'3" tall. Her interesting and captivating eyes, coupled with her clear and melodious voice adds a whole new dimension to her sweet personality.

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This 19-yeared phenomenon is too humble for words. When asked about her career, she simply repeats "Pursuing Honours in Accountancy". When asked about her income source, it is simply a smile and the words "Still searching'. Whereas, in reality she is not ordinary influencer. Her Instagram account is pure delight. She is really loved and so is her content. INFOSAURS is really proud to be part of this great anniversary. It was on this date (01-JUN-2021), that Smriti had started her Instagram profile with just 400 followers, including her near and dear ones. And exactly one year later, she has already amassed an unbelievable 220k+ followers. CONGRATULATIONS SMRITI!! Her profile is full of funny, sarcastic, profound, and relatable comic content. Smriti is a budding lyricist who has recently started rapping up. What is the main driving force? Smriti tells that it is boredom which gives rise to most of the ideas. She is someone who has always wanted to be on stage and interact with the crowd and this lock-down and corona-era in a way fulfilled her dream, giving her a virtual crowd! Her followers feel well-connected and feel a support that in these rough times, they are not alone. A unique and amazing thing about her content is that they are purely raw. She uses no filter or microphone or such facilities! She places almost nil value of glamour or external presentability and yet, with the sheer brilliance of her comedy and creativity, she is able to capture the hearts of thousands! Now, that's what we call the power of real talent!  Her team consists of her sister and mother who also help her with inputs and give great ideas. She is morally supported by her family who also love watching her reels! Her video titled "Exam aa rahe hain" has really smashed all the records when it gathered about 35 million+ views. Other highly viral reels from Smriti include  'Phone addiction' with 19 million+ views and 'Corona returns' with more than 9 million+ views. Currently, this super-talented girl is going on real strong in Instagram where her fan base and content-quality, both are growing day by day. There is no doubt that it shall go on and on.

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Fondly called 'Roy' by friends and family, Smriti is a movie lover too. '3 Idiots' has fascinated her the most. The brilliant we-series 'Kota Factory' by TVF is her most beloved. Tahir Raj Bhasin and Elizabeth Olsen are her favorite actors. Smriti is an admirer of the 'Grey' color. In food, she places 'Pav Bhaji' on the throne. For travelling, she would prefer her own hometown Patna. Apart from creating amazing content, she holds hobbies like sketching and writing. Smriti has a great habit of always being polite. However, her cellphone addiction is her downside. Her formula for a happy life is simply avoiding expectations from anyone. She is a good girl who does not smoke or drink. Her biggest dream is to one day make it big on T.V. Boredom was her inspiration for becoming an artist. She is humble enough to call her 'fabric painting' as a 'useless talent. One last thing which Smriti wishes to tell is her desire to become a great Radio Jockey. Besides that, with her current graduation course, she plans to make a career in the field of accounting and trading.

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A fully self-made artist; no glitz no glamour
She fluently tells stories, raps: no halt no stammer
Smriti brings relatable daily situations alive
All viewers feel connected, in delight they thrive
Honesty and hard work can take anyone to heights
Smriti's success story, shows dedication's might
The comic content maker, keeps going strong
May her inspirational career, grow on and on
May the bubbly girl, be blessed with a career long
May her name and fame, grow on and on

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