Singer Craig David Reveals He Can See The Future And Connect To Ancestors Due To Psychic Abilities

Singer Craig David Reveals He Can See The Future And Connect To Ancestors Due To Psychic Abilities

Craig David, who just released his album 22 in celebration of his decades-spanding career, claims he has psychic capabilities and knows how to channel his ancestors clairvoyantly.

Earlier this week, the R&B star sat with Fearne Cotton as a guest on her podcast, Happy Place. While there, he exclusively shared some personal revelations as he prepared for the release of his new book, What’s Your Vibe?: Tuning Into Your Best Life. And since David is feeling more comfortable in his skin, he was very open and transparent, sharing he has special spiritual gifts.

The “Rewind”singer went in-depth about his psychic ability and how he can feel when an ancestor is near him in the spiritual realm.

“I’m super empathic, super sensitive, and super psychic, which I feel very liberated to say now,” the 41-year-old said. “I was a bit in the closet about being psychic. But I’m very clairvoyant and I can see things in the future.”

He continued, “my ears ring off like crazy and I know there’s a guide or some ancestor trying to come through and tuning in.”

In addition, he also shared with Cotton that throughout his incredible 22 years in the music industry he’s learned many life lessons. One of the main things the “Fill Me In” singer learned is how leaning into pain helped him get to a place of liberation. David believes making every situation a positive one isn’t healthy.

“I never realized mentors and teachers will tell you a lot of war stories and have a lot of like wow … heartache and pain,” he told Cotton. “You have to feel [it] before you can actually talk on it. I get it now.”

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