Shweta Tiwari Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images & More

Shweta Tiwari Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images & More


shweta tiwari

Naturally, the performers and celebrities are thought about as the life and the vital force of any wonderful show. But what is the lifeline behind them all? What is that which holds all the performances and the entire aura together? It is the skillful management and capable organization skill of a single person. It is the anchor. Anchoring is a very crucial job upon which a large chunk of a show's success rests. So, today INFOSAURS has found out a miraculous anchor whose life of perseverance and determination will amaze and inspire you as much as the loveliness and attraction of her persona. Here, we shall discuss about Shweta Tiwari, a wonderful and capable professional anchor who also is a model and an actor.

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Stylish Shweta Tiwari was born on 09.08.1995 to the great father Mr. Diwakar Tiwari and affectionate mother Mrs. Madhu Tiwari in the majestic city of Mumbai. Two younger brothers, Shubham and Siddhesh Tiwari are the part and parcel of her lovable childhood. All three of them had great fun and memories of growing up together. Shweta was blessed with a great education in Guru Nanak High-school in Dadar. After passing out of high school, she graduated from Elphinstone College. And within these brief moments  (as childhood is the time which flies off the fastest), Shweta had grown from a shy sweet girl to a confident and comely woman who was set to shake the world in the field of anchoring.

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Shweta Tiwari Childhood Pic

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Shweta Tiwari With her Mom


25-year-old Shweta is a sensational gorgeousness. With dense, light brown, strong, and flowy long hair dancing all over her fair and clear face, she looks beguiling. This attractive woman has pretty and light brown eyes which speak a thousand feelings. A well-defined jaw, perfectly placed nose, and a small and pretty mouth with appealing lips add many great dimensions to her beauty. Shweta has a good height of 5'6" and flaunts a toned body measuring 32-28-36 and weighing a well-controlled 54 kg. Shweta does not shy away from trendy tattoos and has engraved a random design on her lower back.

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Her career is a fulfilling one. She has great and long experience working as a professional anchor for various events and shows including conferences, exhibitions, live shows, wedding events, sangeet evenings (which are almost the heart of Indian marriages), etc. Apart from being a premier anchor, Shweta has also done well as a content creator. She has also featured in a music album released in YouTube. She was also much honored when she became a part of the OPPO digital advertisement shoot. Also, Shweta has worked as a gorgeous model and has done some ramp shows and print shoots. Apart from this, Shweta is highly enthusiastic about acting and hence, keeps applying for various auditions. All her current income is from professional anchoring and hosting. Her immediate focus is on making quality content to engage the maximum audience.

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Everyone loves cinema, right? So, does Shweta. Good films never fail to inspire her. '3 Idiots' which seems to be a popular choice, is her dearest movie. Money Heist and F.R.I.E.N.D.S is a web series which owns her attention. For traveling, Shweta would love to go to the Maldives. Shahrukh Khan, Alia Bhatt, and Deepika Padukone are the actors which inspire her the most. This red-hot diva considers 'Peach red' as her favorite color. Shweta really enjoys Chinese food and Khowsuey Soup is her favorite. She has a number of hobbies which include dancing and watching good cinema. Shweta is someone who takes the best care of her body and so, she stays awake from smoking and alcohol. She does not have quick-fix formulae for a happy life, but she believes that everyone should be pragmatic. Shweta holds a precious dream of becoming a great actor and featuring on T.V. Her inspiration for becoming an artist (anchor, model, actor) was the realization that she truly loves doing these stuff. She also has a quite useless talent which she regards as 'sheer joy'. It is 'sleeping'. Her greatest strengths is being unconcerned of public opinion. Once, she has decided to do a thing, she does it anyhow. Her bad habit is a little bit of laziness and procrastination. She is very fond of animals like dogs and cats and always feeds and cares for stray animals.

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An other-worldly beauty - When she holds the stage
Jaws-drop, eyes turn, there is tremendous craze
Shweta Tiwari is a professional anchor
With a great presence, and beauty, she's a real enchanter
Also a model, with some prestigious shoots
Amazing diversity, is there in her presentability cute
A lover of acting, she'll be a great actor someday  
Audition after audition, her dedication always stays
Also, content-creation is another of her magic
Which impresses the viewers, makes them ecstatic
May for her grand success, nature keep conspiring
May Shweta thrive and keep inspiring

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