Short Film by Indore filmmaker shortlisted for Cannes Film Festival

Short Film by Indore filmmaker shortlisted for Cannes Film Festival

Stanley Hector, a writer and a director from Indore, who is known for his work like PABLO (2019) and MIDNIGHT AT TWO (2018) has now made an official entry into the Cannes Film Festival this year through his 6-minute long film ‘JUMP’, which is to viewed at the grand film festival, taking place from 6 to 17 July 2021.

His documentary short THE HERO WITHIN (2021) had its world premiere at New York Indian Film Festival 2021.

According to Hector, 'Jump' is a film about courage and achieving victory after taking a difficult decision. It has been produced by Swapnil Mahindra.

"I wanted to show that in life, we reach a point where we have to take a big decision at a crossroads. We often don't know if we are going to make the right decision. We must go beyond fear and face the challenge. We are met with victory in the end," he told ANI.

This is Hector's second film that has made it to the prestigious film festival. Another of his films, 'Midnight at 2', was shortlisted in 2018.

"The selection of my film in Cannes, one of the world's biggest film festivals, is such a big achievement. In 2018 as well, another one of my films had been selected," he said.

Shaunak Mahindra, the producer's son, made his debut in the film. He hopes to pursue a career in acting.

"My father prepared me for the role and Hector liked me after an audition. The message in this film is that we should act with courage," he said.

Stanley studied directing fiction from the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, in the Czech Republic, in 2020.

He has been independently writing and directing short films since 2012.

Stanley worked as an assistant director for a couple of years in the advertisement industry in Mumbai. After that, he moved back to Indore since the first lockdown and plans to shoot more films in the city.


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