Shivani Sachdeva Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More

Shivani Sachdeva Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images, And More

Let us introduce a positive aroma 

shivani sachdeva

When you have the guts to achieve something, nothing can stop you from doing so!  It’s just a matter of accurate decisions, power to implement, and a lovely personality to support you. Today, INFOSAURS is going to discuss a beautiful and strong lady who is living her dreams! We are talking about one and only Shivani Sachdeva, a great banker, amazing fitness coach, and excellent content creator. Yes, you read it right! She is handling all three professions with utmost responsibility and is attaining something better daily.  Why to dealy? Let's know her in more detail.

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A brief about her upbringing

The lucky day when Shivani Sachdeva was born was the 15th of November 1989 in the Ambala town of Haryana.  She has brought all the happiness to her parents Mr. Amarjeet Singh and Mrs. Neelam Sachdeva since she entered their lives. Shivani has shared her childhood with his brother Jatin Sachdeva in her hometown Ambala, Haryana, and currently in Zirakpur, Punjab. Her Zodiac sign is Scorpio. 

The school that has upgraded her knowledge and made her capable is PKR Jain Senior Secondary school and after that, she did her engineering at Haryana Engineering College and achieved a degree to get a path in life. 

Shivani is now 32 years old but she still remembers some of her childhood memories, she has shared one of the most memorable incidents of her childhood, let’s know it in her own words, “ I consumed my grandmother’s sleeping pills and started dancing over my mother’s sewing machine and fallen off because of dizziness and slept” isn’t is funny and cute? This memory is enough to tell us how innocent and bubbly she was during her childhood days.  Well, Shivani is now happily married to Sahil

shivani sachdeva with her mom

Shivani Sachdeva  With her Mom

shivani sachdeva husband

Shivani Sachdeva With Husband

How’s the physical appearance of the fitness freak? 

Shivani is blessed with a beautiful personality!  She has a fair skin complexion and her black attractive eye is like the cherry on the cake. She attains a height of 164 cm with the perfect body weight of 70 kgs. Her body measurement is 36-28-42, all these perfect ratios make her look like a fit princess. People become her fan when she flaunts her shiny black hair with the prettiest smile ever. 

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How did she become what she is? 

Shivani believes, her husband Sahil has given her wings to fly! He is the biggest strength of her life and has inspired her to live her dreams. Well, Shivani Sachdeva started her career as a lecturer in an engineering college. There she realised that a government job is necessary to secure her life then she worked hard and got selected as a banker in the year 2016. We can imagine her level of dedication through her steps of success. But the story beings from here, she did stop here, Shivani was quite unsatisfied with her life and felt a sense of emptiness so she decided to explore more. In the way of exploring her way of happiness, she came to realise that bodybuilding is something that is her kind of thing. So, she decided to go with bodybuilding and initiated pursuing this professionally, and also she started taking part in competitions. In 2018, she took part in competitions thrice and she won the show Sheru Classic 2019. Well, this is again not the end! During her journey, she has grown herself mentally and physically and commenced the profession as a fitness coach after getting certification as a fitness trainer and nutritionist. 

All this while, Shivani witnessed one more passion when she realised that she can talk out clear and loud on the topics that other people feel uncomfortable talking on. And here is when she started entertaining and educating people about sexual health. However, after doing this much at such a young age, Shivani believes that it’s one life and there is so much to do. She always looks for opportunities to work and is still working to achieve her biggest dream in life. Such an inspiring character she is. 

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To know her more - Informalities

“It's just one life, so just chill and live every moment” - This is her formula for a happy life. Moving on to her personal life, Shivani’s favorite travel destination is Goa and she would love to live near the beach but still, she does not want to compromise with the Gym. Shivani has no choices on food as she can eat anything without tantrums. Her favorite actor is Tom Ellis and she loves watching movies with thrillers and suspense. Her favourite web series is Lucifer and she enjoys cooking food a lot.  

Shivani believes her bad habit is getting irritated easily but still, she is a good human and that’s enough for her. Neither she drinks nor she smokes and that makes her a perfect fitness coach for sure. An unknown fact about Shivani is that she sneezes too loud! She has a beautiful nickname given by her husband “ Raju”. 

She is working hard for her next competition that is going to happen in 2022 and she will compete in the bodybuilding competition in the next three years. 

Her Instagram handle - Shivani Sachdeva

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To conclude

Shivani is the greatest example of women's empowerment. She knows how important it is to live the dreams and hence is encouraging millions of people to do the same. There is much more happiness to come in the life that she will earn through her faith and belief in herself.

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