Sharanya Jit Kaur Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images & More

Sharanya Jit Kaur Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images & More


sharanya jit kaur

Sharanya means refuge and today we meet an artist who has taken refuge in great art, success, and recognition. Sharanya Jit Kaur is a dazzling dancer, model and actress who's been lately creating ripples in the movie industry. She has performed in quite some movies, music videos, and anchored in many prestigious shows. Having made a wonderful start in the world of stardom, this pretty "Patiyale Dii Parii" is a very interesting subject of study. So, let us be prepared to be delighted as we slowly dig into the life of this rising star, Sharanya Jit Kaur.

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The Showstopper called Sharanya was born on 16 July 1996 in the paradise called Patiala in Punjab. Her tender childhood was brightened in her parent's lap and shared by two beautiful brothers and two angelic sisters. Her character and persona was schooled in Girls School, Patiala. She had a great thirst for education and continued and went on to graduate as an Economics major from Mohindra College, Patiala. Sharanya Jit post graduated from Punjab University, Patiala. She also earned an M.A. in Kathak dance and Stage performance.

Despite being born to shine and rock the glamour world, education had fascinated Sharan equally. Before taking to performing, she had worked as an assistant professor in a university. So, before entertaining people, this Patiala performer practiced the holy profession of teaching.

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25-yeared Sharanya, lovingly called Sharan is a captivating attraction. The dusky damsel has pretty features which include a sweet triangular face bedecked with a cute upturned nose, full and lovely lips, chubby cheeks, long and flowy thick hair, and a lot of other captivations. Standing at 5'5", her well-toned body measures a jaw-dropping 34-26-34. Always conscious of her fitness, she maintains her weight at an astonishing 45 kg. With her dark and deep eyes, this beauty can hypnotize one and all. This desirable diva is a Cancerian by Zodiac and surprisingly reveals that despite all the unending advances and proposals, she manages to stay single.

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Unfortunately, exact chronology of the rise of this star is not known. She tasted major success when she got offers and then acted in some short Punjabi and Hindi movies. 'Leera diya gudiya' was an interesting Punjabi movie where she had starred. Sharan has also worked in a Hindi movie 'The hunt'. Her prominence shot up with a cameo appearance in a much-loved Zee show "Jodha Akbar".    

Meanwhile, sweet Sharan kept impressing with her moves in music videos. 'Motor 2 by Manmohan Sidhu', 'Ve Sajna by Herrick Singh' and 'Chandigarh di Nadiya by Smarty ajjee' were three Punjabi video songs which really set YouTube on fire. During her initial days, Sharan Jit also played crucial roles in many plays. She has acted as the mother of Bhagat Singh in 'Shaheed Bhagat Singh', has done the lead role in 'Dayire', played the lead role in the comic play 'Andheri nagri chaupat raja'. She has also featured as the divine goddess Sita in the Hindi play 'Ramayan'. 'Ucchi Eddi wali gurgabi' and 'Paisa bolta hai' also saw Sharan at the lead. She also played a supporting role in 'keema malki'. Her beauty and elegance are further flourished when she dances. Sharan has had dance training at various places. Guru Rajindar Ganjani ji, Harish Ganjani Ji and Vidha Lal imparted her with Kathak magic. She also trained in the Bharatnatyam dance form. Mr. Tushal Kalia polished Sharan's Contemporary and Chau dance skills.


Anchoring was another field where Sharan has shone brilliantly. The dance show 'Dance star of Punjab' saw brilliant anchoring by Sharan Jit. Another dance show where she has sizzled is 'Crazy talent hunt'. Her charm and talent saw Sharan win several titles and accolades which include 'Miss Mrignaini Punjaban', 'Miss Malwa Punjaban', best catwalk model in 'Miss haryana', Best stylish model in 'Miss north' and several others. She has worked with well-known brands like '100.2 FM'. She has also done various shows like 'North zone cultural centre' organized by the Cultural Affairs department. She also evolved her art in workshops like 'All state of folk dance workshop and salsa'.

The multi-talented magician is also a great choreographer. Punjabi movie 'O.G.J' saw her good choreography. She worked as an assistant choreographer in the Punjabi movie 'Myself ghaint' and in 'Aashiqui not allowed. Soon, this astonishing actress will be seen in an upcoming Hindi movie 'Rooh'.

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The sizzling Sharanya is not 'all work and no play'! She maintains a perfect work-life balance and has a variety of hobbies and refined tastes. She loves reading good books to enrich her knowledge and way of life. Also, traveling makes her happy. And apart from the profession, for her, dance is also a dear hobby which gladdens and lightens her heart. Also, being a fitness-aware person, she likes exercising for fun. 

The 25-year old actress derives great pleasure from watching good movies and 'Basic Instinct' is her favorite. In Bollywood, she is inspired by Indian Greek God 'Hritik' and among actresses, PiggyChops (Priyanka Chopra), Rani Mukherjee and in Hollywood, Sharon Stone really gets her amazed. She is a colorful person with a special love for white and pink colors. A strange secret about her? This bold on-screen beauty is actually a shy girl in real life. Also, she is a great basketball player! She has a helpful nature and as per her, she is quite lazy. She takes great care of her physical and mental health and never smokes or drinks.

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Living in the present moment is her idea for a happy life. Her biggest dream? Well, it is a secret. She doesn't fake humility when asked about her inspiration behind becoming an actress and confidently confides that she is a born actress. As per her, eye and body language are the most important traits of a quality actor. And thus goes the tale of this poly-artist woman of unusual charm and grace.

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The pretty Punjaban, a walking show-stopper 

Has infinite arts and skills to offer

When she anchors, perfect: the program stays

With her godly charming dance, the entire cosmos sways

Once upon a time a professor, endless knowledge she imparted

Enriched in life wisdom, her students had departed

As a beautiful model, she sizzles and he sears

Gets utterly enchanted, anything around and near

By the rising actress, screens are set on fire

So innocent, so inspiring, her acts ignite desire

To know more of this phenomenon, 'Infosaurs' helps

Go on reading on Sharanya, till in her you immerse and meld

Undoubtedly, with a mountain of talents nurturing within her, Sharnaya is going to be the next big thing. So, let us keep our eyes open for her future performances and be prepared to be bamboozled by this bewitching beauty.

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