Shania Twain celebrates the release of her most recent music video by posing topless

Shania Twain celebrates the release of her most recent music video by posing topless

Being 57 years old and feeling amazing, Shania Twain decided to celebrate the release of her most recent music video, "Waking Up Dreaming," with a few topless photos. She does it to show her admirers how much she adores this time in her life.
The idea behind Twain's stunning new photographs, which include her dazzling white skirt, pink-swirl cowboy boots, and hat (but nothing else), is wholly original. (View the images HERE.) "I myself styled that picture. She acknowledged to The Sun that it was all about pulling off the bra, the shirt, and tying the shirt around my waist. "This is a statement of being comfortable in my own flesh and just being completely myself," she wants everyone to realise.
The singer of "Still the One" is not interested in listening to the naysayers who object to n*de images, particularly when they come from a lady over 50. Twain doesn't even have the time to acknowledge them in her life. She said, "You have to be strong. "I don't really get irritated when people criticise me. You can't win everyone over; that's natural. Ask Harry Styles, who persuaded her to sing alongside him at Coachella in April, how her upbeat attitude remains her a fan favourite for several generations.

Before finally giving in to his pleading, the musical couple texted "back and forth," and she is happy that she did. Twain said, "There was no tremendous production about it, but it turned out to be such a huge, enduring occasion for all of us. Twain is a music legend, and his success knows no bounds.

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