Shakiras musical and fashion worlds

Shakiras musical and fashion worlds

Shakira is one of the most well-known musicians in the world as well as a style icon. She is a dancer, singer, and songwriter and is keeping herself and her two young children busy at all times. This has undoubtedly gotten more difficult since she announced in June that she was divorcing her partner of 11 years, Gerard Piqué, amid reports that she had caught him cheating.

Shakira has discussed the split and how tough it is for her and the kids, but she hasn't addressed the allegations of infidelity. But on October 20, she unveiled her brand-new song, "Monotona," along with a dramatic music video that appears to make allusion to the scandal. The song's opening lyrics read, "It wasn't your fault, nor was it mine / It was the monotony's fault / I never said anything, but it wounded me / I knew this would happen," which are sung in Spanish with Puerto Rican vocalist Ozuna. An unseen stranger pulls out a bazooka and shoots a huge hole in Shakira's chest, leaving her bleeding on the ground. Shakira is then shown dejectedly walking through a grocery store eating junk food.

Shakira spoke candidly about embracing music as a form of therapy to deal with the sorrow and sadness she has been going through in a September interview with ELLE magazine. "I consider music to be a life raft. There have been times when I had to pick myself up off the ground. And music has been the only way to achieve that, to actually do it "She spoke out.

Shakira has had a difficult year in 2022 due to the breakdown of her partnership, the in-and-out hospitalisation of her ailing father, and her multimillion dollar tax evasion lawsuit in Spain. The Queen of Latin Music, however, is persevering and expressing her feelings via her music. She's getting ready to release her first album since 2017, but she claims that because she's in such a creative mood, every time she thinks it's finished, new music comes to mind to add. Before the end of the year, fans can anticipate her next masterpiece.

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