Selena Gomez reveals that she used to be terrified of thunderstorms.

Selena Gomez reveals that she used to be terrified of thunderstorms.

Selena, a 30-year-old pop artist who was up in Texas, has admitted that she was terrified of tornadoes and thunderstorms.

Selena reveals in a Vanity Fair magazine-exclusive clip from her upcoming documentary, "My Mind and Me," "When I was a youngster, I was scared of thunderstorms. In Texas, where I grew up, I was constantly terrified that thunder and lightning would herald the approach of a tornado.

After reading about thunderstorms and their causes, Selena eventually was able to get over her phobias.

Selena's mother gave her some books to read on the issue, which helped allay her worries.
She simply stated, "The more you understand about it, the less you're going to be terrified of it," the brunette beauty reveals. And that was quite beneficial.
Selena previously acknowledged feeling "nervous" about disclosing her "difficulties" in her upcoming documentary.

The singer of "Lose You to Love Me" acknowledged having conflicting emotions about the undertaking.

As anxious as I am to release something so intimate, I believe in my heart that now is the right time, she said.

"I believe that by sharing my struggles and experiences, it may encourage others to share their own tales. And to maintain optimism that things may and will improve.

Selena acknowledged that the production "took on a life of its own" as it followed the pop diva as she navigated her mental health journey in the documentary.

She claimed: "There was never a well-thought-out plan with the intention of capturing these really private aspects of my life. It simply developed from there.

In order to create the documentary, Selena teamed up with Alek Keshishian, who is best known for his 1991 Madonna documentary. Selena thoroughly enjoyed working with Alek.

He is really caring and gentle, and I completely trust him, said Selena. I mostly didn't even realise he was there. He occasionally only used an iPhone that was tucked away in a corner.

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