See the Regal Insignia: Queen Camilla Receives Cypher for Her New Royal Rank

See the Regal Insignia: Queen Camilla Receives Cypher for Her New Royal Rank

The new royal symbol belongs to Queen Camilla.

Since taking on the role of Queen Consort to King Charles III in the wake of the passing of Queen Elizabeth in September, Camilla, 75, has unveiled a special cypher created in her honour.

The symbol, which Camilla chose from a variety of designs, is the senior royal's own property, according to Buckingham Palace, which made the announcement on Monday.

The cypher features a picture of the crown below Camilla's monogram. The initials "C" for Queen Camilla and "R" for Regina, the Latin word for "Queen," are combined to form the monogram "CR." The initial of Charles's first name, "R" for Rex, which means "King," and the Roman numeral for "three" or "third" are also included in his cypher.
The Queen Consort will use the new emblem on her own stationery, greeting cards, and presents in addition to the cross that she will erect on Thursday in the Field of Remembrance in preparation for Remembrance Day this weekend.
Professor Ewan Clayton, a calligrapher on the faculty and academic board of The Royal Drawing School, and Timothy Noad, a Herald Painter and Scrivener at The College of Arms, collaborated to design Camilla's insignia.

Following the publication of her husband's insignia, the Queen Consort's is next. The "ER II" insignia of Queen Elizabeth will gradually be replaced with the emblem of the new sovereign, which was presented in September. Officials from the palace claim that some of these changes will take place gradually, but the postmarks on all correspondence leaving Buckingham Palace have already begun.
As monarch, Charles' cypher will appear on official documents, eventually on the well-known red mailboxes dotted all throughout the United Kingdom, and on the mail used by government agencies.

The College of Arms, the palace's heraldry experts, produced various designs, and King Charles picked out one.

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