Season 8 of Sea of Thieves will begin filming this month.

Season 8 of Sea of Thieves will begin filming this month.

It was revealed on the Sea of Thieves Twitch account on November 18 at 7pm GMT, one day after the current adventure, Return of the Damned, concludes. This information comes from the official Rare Twitter account, where the developer teased the upcoming premiere of the season eight content update video.

Beyond its release date, we don't currently know anything about the new season. However, it is logical to anticipate that Return of the Damned's conclusion will inevitably affect how things turn out.
The ninth adventure in Sea of Thieves is called Return of the Damned, and it takes place from November 3 to November 17. Pirates are required to pick a side in this adventure and must decide between working with Belle to stop Flameheart's resurrection and bringing Sir Arthur Pendragon back, or working with The Servant of the Flame to ensure Flameheart's resurrection and leave Pendragon stranded in the Sea of the Damned.
That decision will, as you might anticipate, have some very significant repercussions for season eight. Rare will be monitoring whose side is more popular with the public for only the second time in the game's history, guaranteeing long-lasting effects for the game should the majority choose to support either The Servant of the Flame or Belle.
If you haven't already, you still have time to join in the fun. By bringing Bewitching Dolls to The Servant of the Flame at Reaper's Hideout or to Belle at Shipwreck Bay, any late-arriving pirates among us have until November 17 to choose a side.

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