Sayani Pradhan Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images & More

Sayani Pradhan Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images & More


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West Bengal is a rich land full of rich culture, vibrant people, and amazing traditions. Bengali women are a marked blend of beauty and brains and out of this endless pool of attraction, today we draw out one very lovely artist. Meet Sayani Pradhan, a social media influencer par quality and distinction. One who carries a very unique style and a very fresh kind of beauty, Sayani is a really charming persona. She has enjoyed a mind-boggling fan-base in mass influencing platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Moj. She has endorsed numerous brands of great quality, name, and fame and as a result, is herself extremely famous. Let us try and find out more about this Bong beauty.

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Sweet Sayani was born on 29 November 1999 to the loving couple Suparna Pradhan and Gobinda Pradhan in the magical city of Kolkata. Her eventful and lively childhood was shared with her affectionate elder sister Sanchari Pradhan. Born in Kolkata, this great artist was brought up in her hometown Howrah. This 21-year-old diva was schooled in Sasati Nahala Abinash High School in her hometown Howrah. Her love for dancing was supreme and to nurture that, Sayani graduated and earned her masters in classical dance from the prestigious Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata.

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Her glorious journey as an impactful influencer commenced in the middle of 2019 and in that sense, she is a pretty recent influencer. But, within such a short period, she has managed to achieve what many artists take years to earn. She enjoys a gigantic fan following. Her Instagram handle has a whopping 342K+ followers. YouTube is a fairly recent venture for Sayani and already, she has been getting heads turned. She also has about 682k+ followers in the popular app Moj and 122k+ followers on Facebook. With her captivating aura, Sayani often becomes the first choice for the face of several huge brands. She has bagged over 500 brand endorsements with some famous companies like Fossil, Colgate, ITC vivel, Myntra, Spencer's, Samsung, etc. For her outstanding work and monumental positive impact on the masses, she was honored with the "Retro Kolkata lifestyle Influencer of the year 2019" award.

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Apart from all these accolades, Sayani follows her passion, Dance without fail. She has her own Dance school where she works hard to pass on her elegance, grace, and expertise to aspiring dancers. Apart from this, Sayani has also featured in a few music videos. Her future projects include some music videos which are soon to be released on her YouTube page.

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To describe her charms and attraction is a monumental task where words always fall short. She is a typical Bengali captivation. A dusky and unusually clear complexion glows in her roundish yet trim face. Her plump, full, and plush lips are a spectacle to behold. Her expressive and hypnotic black eyes and thick wavy deep brown hair adds to her irresistible attraction. At 5'3", Sayani is bodylicious and weighs 46 kgs of pure divine artistry. With her immaculate curves and perfect body, she aces both traditional and modern attires.

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To know our bubbly lady better, it is best to get informal. Apart from expertly managing her influencing career, she takes a special interest in watching quality movies. PK, Haami ( Bengali), Veer Zara, Deya neya (Bengali), Hirak Rajar deshe (directed by Satyajit Ray) are some of the movies which have left a deep impression in her fertile mind. In the web series, Family man and Asur had managed to catch her fancy. Uttam Kumar and Soumitra Chatterjee are among a few actors who have impressed Sayani a lot. Aparna Sen, Tapsee Pannu, and Vidya Balan are some of the actresses who inspire Sayani. Sayani loves good food like you, me, or anyone. Her favorite dishes are all from the same origin - 'Mom's Kitchen'. A vibrant and colorful personality herself, Sayani is particularly intrigued by blue, red, and black colors. Sayani also enjoys traveling a lot. Any mountainous region is enough to turn her travel bug on.

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Sayani is especially fond of painting. Although she does not paint, she is really fond of good painters and wishes that she too could paint. According to her, it is lesser-known that she suffers from a short temper. The ability to listen to discussions very patiently is her great plus point. She takes good care of her health and no surprise, she neither drinks nor smokes. To stay happy in life, Sayani suggests staying true to oneself. The most important trait of a great actor as per Sayani is being genuine and honest and this she feels is valid for any and every art form. Sayani has also had her fair share of naughtiness as a child and she laughingly recollects the time when to hide her terrible exam score, she had forged her father's signature. She does not believe in dreaming much. She feels that time is very short and there is a lot to be done and hence, she stays focused on her work. Sayani adds that being a model had somehow always been her destiny. Since a very young age, Sayani had loved posing in front of a camera, and in a later stage, she came to know that that is what modeling is. She tells that she is just that 5-year-old girl who is thankful for anything and everything in her life. An attitude of Gratitude! 

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Round and round this captivator spins

Millions and millions hearts she wins

To study this miracle and her life fully

INFOSAURS strives and researches as a duty

Dance is her life

And her dance is alive

Countless brands are lit by this flame

Her powerful charisma, brings them to fame

Beaming Bengali beauty, Sayani is a star

Whose sparkling smile and glitter reaches wide and far

Her influence keeps growing, stars she surpasses!

Sayani keeps influencing, thousands and thousands of masses

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