Saurabh Dhobale Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images & More

Saurabh Dhobale Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images & More


Saurabh Dhobale
What pops in your head when you hear 'D-O-C-T-O-R'? Apart from gratitude, the general perception is a nerdy spectacled serious guy who can be usually boring. Right? All work and no play? To bust your stereotype and blow away your mind, let me introduce you to Saurabh Dhobale, a wonderful doctor who also happens to be a dashing actor! Having chosen a crazy combination of career choices, Saurabh appears to be one interesting celebrity to familiarise with.


Saurabh Dhobale wiki
Saurabh (Saurabh Kumar Narendra Dhobale), bearing a name with such gravitas and authority, was born to Narendra Dhobale and Chhaya Dhobale on 12 May 1998 (22 Age) in the historic city of Amravati in Maharashtra. He enjoyed his school life in Golden Kids English Boys School in Amravati. He pursued a homeopathy degree from Takhatmal Sreevallabh Homeopathy Medical College. From a very young age, Saurabh was attracted to acting. His parents weren't very enthusiastic and positive about his acting and were far from encouraging and supportive. Even then, like a lotus blossoming from within murky waters, Saurabh made his way in the world of acting. While he was studying homeopathy in college, our hero simultaneously enrolled in Anupam Kher Acting Preparation Classes and excelled in both medicine and acting. In fact, in order to convince his parents he had handed them a delightful shock by standing first in his university. This had cleared away the doubts and apprehensions of his parents who got convinced of this guy's passion and sheer will power. This succeeded in earning him their support.

Seekha kab hai maine jhuknaa? 
Do Angarein, unme bhi raah bana luunga
Tum laakh sandeh uthaao mujhpar
Kaabeeliyat k bal manwaa loongaa

What an indomitable spirit!

Saurabh Dhobale hometown

This life-saving doctor is equally capable of killing. Seriously no kidding killing with his killer looks and deadly charms. With exceedingly good looks featuring thick and stylish blackish hair and dark and deep black eyes, this 5'10" and 72kg of athletic sculpture is a marvel to behold. With a decent biceps measuring 12", a waist of 32" and chest girth of 40", Saurabh is reasonably tough looking. His zodiac sign is Taurus and undoubtedly he's strong and unstoppable like a wild bull. Apparently this handsome actor is his own role model and that's why the only tattoo on his body is his own name etched on his right hand's forearm.

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Saurabh Dhabole Childhood Pic

Saurabh Dhobale childhood pic

Every day in his life, Saurabh recollects and enacts the famous SRK dialogue from Om Shanti Om, " Itnii shiddat se tumhe paane kii maine koshish kii hai, Ki poorii kaaynaat ne tumhe mujhse milaane ki saajish kii hai". This had given him the motivation to keep struggling during the initial days. He used to act extensively in his college participating in many dramas and dance performances. His career's break was a small role in one movie and he made it big with a lead role in a Marathi movie. After this, he moved to Mayanagarii Mumbai. His difficulties were far from over and in Mumbai too he struggled with auditions and theatre. Finally he found some stability when he got a great role in the Star Plus serial Nazar after which he got a role in the popular Colors TV serial "Gathbandhan". Saurabh has started his own Hashtag MONAOA ( Master of None Average Of All). He is very humble to call himself average because he believes that no one can be perfect in the progression of acting which is a journey of continuous improvement. He is now self made and affluent and "aatm nirbhar" earning 1-2lakh per month from his medical practice and acting projects. In near future, he has several projects to work on which includes a Marathi movie and several musical albums. 

Saurabh Dhobale serial

Saurabh Dhobale Upcoming Movie

Saurabh Dhobale movie

His favorites in acting include Salman Bhai (in his early movies) and Shahid Kapoor. Appreciating only the early phase movies of Bhai shows this actor's level of maturity and understanding of the art and that he is no blind fanboy. He also likes Ankush Chowdhury and among actresses, he finds Dia Mirza quite influencing. He really enjoys eating delicious food. Sabudana khichdi (so healthy), Puran Poli ( How sweet ), and especially mangoes excite him. He loves traveling also and prefers natural sceneries and surroundings like those in his Himachal Pradesh. His favorite Bollywood movie is Sanam Teri Kasam and Jalebi and his all-time favorite Marathi movie is Mitwa. Saurabh loves the hotness and catchiness of the colour yellow which is his favourite colour. He finds it as the color of sports. He also enjoys watching web series and some of Marathi shows like Ani Kai Hava and Dice media (little things) amaze him. As if acting and doctory are not sufficient, this all-rounder is also a national level skater and a state-level cricketer(Only god knows how long will it be before he leaves acting to lead India to another ICC Worldcup victory). Truly multidimensional. 
And just like our dear captain cool Mahi, Saurabh too is smitten with the bikers bug. 

Ab kitna kuch aur bolu mai tumse
Kis kis adaa ka bakhaan karuun?
Nahiin khaamoshi hii meri taareef bane
Kis kis baat ka ab gumaan karuun?

Saurabh Dhobale income

Saurabh is very sensitive and has a foam-soft heart. Also, his personality is multicolored and multifaceted, perfectly capable of molding according to any situation. Hopefully, his days of struggle are long gone, and now that his family is no more worried for him and in fact very happy and proud of him, this rising star looks forward to keep rising until his stardom is firmly established in the celebrity-sky much like the pole star.

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Saurabh Dhobale images

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