Santosh Choudhary (Dj Sanrich) Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images & More

Santosh Choudhary (Dj Sanrich) Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Images & More


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Music undoubtedly is the purest expression of life. It adds colors to the dull and magic to the monotonous. The world is full of art and expresses itself through innumerable and diverse artists. Song-writers and singers are miraculous, but even more amazing are the visionaries who imagine and actually materialize music out of nowhere. Yes, music director is what we are talking about here. The artist in the spotlight here is Santosh Choudhary, a mesmerizing music director, and producer. Composers sure produce heavenly music pieces, but the producer is the guide and guru who polishes the uncut musical-diamond and creates the sheer brilliance typical of masterpieces. So, get ready to totally lose your self dissolved in the musical amalgam of charm and bliss.

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This 25-year-old musical magician was born on 20 June 1995 to a hard-working father Bapurao Dadahari Choudhary and a loveful and cultured lady Lata Bapurao Choudhary (mother) in Pune, the land of eternally pleasant climate. Santosh had his instrumental school education from the reputed Shanu Patel High School in Warje. Then he went on to graduate from the prestigious Navsahyadri Engineering College. His memorable and nostalgic childhood was sweetened even more by the presence of his protective and affectionate elder brother. This is how this musical mind got gradually shaped in a healthy and educative atmosphere. 

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Like most of the beautiful phenomenon, the appearance and personality of this musical sensation too is shrouded in enigma and mystery. All that is conclusively known is that this music producer is as towering as the stature of his music. Santosh is 6'1" tall. And yes, Santaya belongs to Vrushabh raashi. He is a Taurus.  Apart from that, all that is known is the heartwarming pieces of music he produces and artistically directs.

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Nicknamed Santaya, this soulful creator is a music director and producer. He is no newbie nor rookie. He has worked involvedly in this art and craft for over 5 years. He has evolved beautifully his art. His creative mind is not limited to music and he has a knack for dance, the twin-sister of music!

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Santosh is a fairly impressive dance jockey who knows the art of giving just the right fuel for dancers to set dance floors on fire! As an artist, Sanrich is how he is popularly known as. His only income source (and a comfortable well to do one) is selling beats as per client requirements to sync with their heartbeats. Also, he is involved as a popular entertainer who plays enchanting gigs in various night clubs. He has quite some work in his kitty. Songs which he is going to be involved with in near future include Nain Hathiyaar, Party Anthem, and Weed Anthem. Also, he is going to produce some songs in Kalinda, a Marathi movie and Pachola, another Marathi movie.

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Funny fact about him is his legendary lethargy. He is very very and extremely lazy. And like a typical small-town Indian, he is so fond of tea. No art is complete without sincerity, discipline and unwavering dedication. Smoking and alcohol is nothing but the destruction of the god-gifted body, the instrument which produces art and beauty of such profundity. Knowing this very well, Santosh stays away from these popular and trendy vices. Success as such has no fixed formula. However, Santaya feels that always behaving politely and affectionately with everyone and smiling frequently are attributes that go a long way in getting a lot of success and joy. Santosh has a dream and a big one. He wants to be an excellent and renowned music director in our Indian music industry. As a child and ever since he was exposed to music, great music directors like A. R. Rahman and Ajay Atul had always fascinated him

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The language of god, is music sweet

Is spoken by this producer, with joy replete

Lovelier than love, creations flow

With melodious aura, his songs glow

Be it any feeling, mood or situation

This genius renders it capable of salvation

Great pieces and songs are effortlessly made

Which embraces your soul, your heart they invade

Your attention and appreciation, he is set to rob

Meet this music producer, the upcoming heartthrob

He can make you jump in joy, his music can make you sob

Meet this music producer, the upcoming heartthrob.

Undoubtedly, Santosh will soon taste unprecedented success and his soulful music will spread across the lengths and breadths of this nation, warming and captivating the hearts of millions.

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