Samidoh Follows Karen Nyamu To The US Following Side Chick Rumors

Samidoh Follows Karen Nyamu To The US Following Side Chick Rumors

What do you call the side chick who breaks into a house but doesn't want it broken into by another side chick? Karen Nyamu is the response.

Samidoh, the baby's father, has been on tour in the US for the past few weeks, and Karen has just arrived there. She claims that she is there to do official duties as a newly elected senator. But it's evident to social media analysts that the timing is perfect.

Just last week, rumours surfaced that Samidoh had moved in together with a Kenyan woman living in the US while on his American tour. Pictures of him and the curvy woman known only as Bernice, who is rumoured to travel with Samidoh to every location where he performs, have surfaced. Samidoh's US trip is alleged to have been sponsored and organised by Bernice.
Karen Nyamu intimated that she would battle for Samidoh before departing for overseas by claiming that he was "worth it." Following that, Bernice and Karen appeared to trade insults on social media, with Bernice declaring herself a proud single mother and implying that Karen, who has two children with Samidoh, is acting insecurely.

And it appears that those who left comments on Karen's article announcing her new arrival in the US share Bernice's opinion. "Sherry wrote, "Pesa ni mzuri,, little petty insecurities unapanda ndege mpaka penye ako," and Afrique responded, "You made sure umeenda kuona baby daddy Salimia." I'm Sam mwenye na Doh. You'll know if you know." "Huko ni USA u think hatujui Yani umepeleka vita huko," Karori remarked in response. "Acha kutuficha number plates..tunajua huko ni wapi," Cornelius then uttered.
Who is Edday?
Samidoh's primary wife Edday has kept mute during all of this drama. The Samidoh, Edday Nderitu, and Karen Nyamu affair is unquestionably one of the worst love triangles ever. Where, though, did it all start?
Let's begin where we left off. While his wife was at home alone with their children during the 2020 December celebrations, the playboy Mugithi musician Samidoh was openly cheating on his wife with Karen Nyamu in Dubai.

Samidoh could be seen cracking jokes with a giggling Karen in a selfie video taken while on a boat ride. While laughing aloud at his jokes, Karen herself rested her head on his shoulder. Samidoh also appeared to be holding Karen's shoulder with his hands. A scandalous tempest was sparked by the footage. But that was just the start.

In August 2021, some six months later, Karen made known that she was three months along with Samidoh's child. However, their relationship was already on shaky ground after Karen accused Samidoh of abuse.

"Zangu zimetolewa mwanywele! I was assaulted. Women, we are incredibly stupid! We need to make these aggressive men learn their lesson. My daughter is crying, and I'm in disbelief. How did you become pregnant once more? He's a fruitful dude. A blessing are children. I'll rear them. Love is foolish. Samidoh finished it. He was informed that I had been seen in Mombasa with a male. like all of my coworkers are women. Guys, I have to file a report and use this incident as a lesson for all those who believe they can abuse women without being caught."

Samidoh reconciled with his estranged wife Edday along the road. On her Instagram, Edday posted a cheeky victory dance video. Some of her followers believed that she was dancing to celebrate getting her husband back from Karen. Samidoh publicly expressed his regret to his wife by saying, "I am sorry!! I've made things difficult for my family and for myself. It's true that Ms. Karen Nyamu and I were friends, and that relationship contributed to the birth of a defenceless child.

Karen, however, asserted that Samidoh's public apology was meaningless because he was still deeply involved with her.

The future senator from Nairobi, Karen, gave birth to a girl she named Njeri in February of this year. Samidoh's supporters began congratulating him right away by addressing him as "Baba Njeri."

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