Sameeksha Takke Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images & More

Sameeksha Takke Wiki, Age, Biography, Height, Boyfriend, Family, Images & More


sameeksha takke

Life is infinite and infinite are its styles. Out of those, there are certain versions of living-ways which brings in maximum satisfaction, efficiency and delight! To know those special methodology is what is popularly known as best lifestyles. In today's world of hectic anxiety and endless chaos, lifestyle gurus are one class becoming exceedingly popular and it is one of these magical lifestyle advisors that INFOSAURS brings for you today. So, we shall meet Sameeksha Sunil Takke, an extraordinary lifestyle blogger and social media influencer who extensively commentates on lifestyle, fashion, food, beauty and the joys and art of traveling.



Sweet Sameeksha was born on 1 November 1996 to considerate father Sunil R. Takke and magnanimous mother Neelam Sunil Takke in the magical city of Mumbai. She has enjoy her entire childhood mostly here in Mayanagri Mumbai. Her scholarly schooling took place right here in Mumbai where she attended highschool in the prestigious "Our Lady Of Remedy High School" in Kandivali West. The, she graduated from DG Ruparel college, Mahim. Sameeksha further pursued and won her B.Com. from DG Ruparel college, Mahim. With a never-ending thirst for knowledge, she achieved her masters degree from G.N. Khalsa college, Matunga. Currently, she lives with her mother and father while her beloved elder sister Sayali Sunil Takke stays with her grandmother. Once, done with the rigorous education regime, 24-yeared Sameeksha turned her attention to social media and entertainment where she was to leave a historical mark forever.

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Simply lovely Sameeksha is a picture-perfect charmer. Owner of exquisite traditional Marathi beauty, Sameeksha is an unusually rare beauty. A perfect diamond-shaped nose sits atop a well-cut oval face with soft features including well-lifted rosy cheeks and very full, medium sized plush and plump rosy lips! Add to it hypnotic brown eyes, highlighted dark-brown hair and a very contageous smile showing a set of sparkling perfect teeth and you get the jaw-dropping damsel called Sameeksha! As if this wasn't sufficient for killing, Sameeksha is a master of a perfectly chiseled body measuring 32-28-36 and weighing just 50 kg. That sums up pretty much everything about this mesmerizing beauty. And yes, she is a Scorpion and very much single.

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Sameeksha Takke had what can be described best as a surprising and unbelievable start. She kick-started her career as a professional cricketer and national level baseball and softball player. Blessed with irresistible charms and inordinately excess cuteness, she had always been interested in fashion. However, due to her busy schedule and rigorous training typical of national level sportspersons, she could never really pursue fashion. She has also worked in a bank for 12 hours straight for months together! She has toiled hard and has literally been a machine. It was the time when the only joy used to be the 10 minutes of hot-shower. The only off-day she managed to have for herself was Sunday when she used to create her content.

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Finally, she decided to take the giant leap of faith and opted to quit her job and take up social media influencing and lifestyle-blogging as a full-time profession. Within no time, her popularity smashed the ceiling and skyrocketed. Her Instagram handle is alarmingly popular where she has earned a whopping 143k+ followers! Naturally, such huge success is followed by innumerable brand-endorsements and app promotions which forms a handsome income source for her.

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Splendid Sameeksha likes watching movies. Her favourite actor is Nawazuddin Siddiqui and her favourite actress is Natalie Portman. Food! who doesn't love it? And then why should Sameeksha be an exception? She thoroughly enjoys delicious food and chicken lollipop especially satiates her tongue. She is as passionate and vigorous as her favorite colour, which is blood-red. Her favourite movie is 'Pursuit of Happiness'. 'How to get away with murder' and 'Money Heist' are some of the webseries which captivate her. Her favorite place is the garden in her house. Apart from all these, Sameeksha takes great delight in cooking, dancing and enjoying heavenly music. A very interesting and unbelievable fact is that before becoming a beloved fashion blogger, this bewitching beauty was a tomboy who had never touched a single stroke of makeup until age of 20. Her good habit is being honest and straightford, excess of which is also, as per her, her bad habit. She takes great care of her lovely body and hence neither smokes nor drinks. To lead a happy life, she believes in accepting that everything happens for a reason and probably a good one. She has had an eventful childhood when she has been really clumsy at times. She would go about bleeding profusely without even being aware and then would be told so by neighbours. Her dream is to make her parents proud and lead a peaceful life with a loving life-partner. A funny and useless talent which she owns is the ability to flare and make her nostrils dance.

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Unusually desi beauty of Maratha rains 
As infinite admirers, she effortlessly gains
Spotted by attentive INFOSAURS is this rare lifestyle blogger
She is cool, lovely, entertaining 
She is hot and just keeps   getting hotter
The former national sportsperson, in sports many
Of which she is incapable, are there such surprises any?
Bedecked in wisdom and beauty, is this blogger ornate
Meet Sameeksha, the amazement incarnate

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